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Inspiralized Will Share Her Traumatic Post-Birth Story

Ali, runs some blog called ‘Inspiralized‘, has bravely shared her harrowing post-delivery experience. Going into the details of being forced to share a hospital room with another new mom, she says “it was brutal, to say the least.”

Ali begins by saying she and her husband wanted a private room in an NYC hospital and “we were willing to pay for it!”. Unfortunately she was treated as if she were like every other women in this city who gives birth – private rooms are first come, first served – and it was “just so cramped and uncomfortable”.

we did not get a private room – we got a room that we shared with another new mama and it was a tiny, tiny room separated by a single curtain…needless to say, it wasn’t a comfortable situation.

Ali goes on to describe the barbaric conditions she was subjected to.

I’d get woken up every time a nurse came in to check on the other patient. I’d hear her baby cry and it would wake me up…literally if you moved the separator curtain, I could touch the other new mama next to me.

Thankfully someone finally realized Ali was not receiving the VIP treatment she so deserved.

thank GOD my OB-GYN was in on Monday and came over to see me and…could see the look on my face and said, “do you want to get out of here?” and she discharged me a day early so I could be at home comfortable.

Once Ali’s ordeal came to an end and she could escape the Turkish prison conditions of New York City hospital postpartum recovery rooms, her “spirits lifted and I became excited to be a Mom”. No word on whether she plans to start a movement for on-demand private hospital rooms for the internet famous.

  1. The Wind in My Cornrows

    She is … really something.

  2. Trixie

    What a harrowing ordeal. #neverforget

    • That Napping Nitwit

      Unbelievable! When I saw she was going to describe an awful, “brutal” post birth story I assumed it might be something like my friend who developed DIC (disseminated intravascular coagulopathy) and came very close to dying from bleeding out. She spent several weeks in the ICU/hospital. OR a woman I treated when I worked in healthcare who had a stroke during delivery and wound up hemiplegic and unable to speak in rehab for about 9 months. Or a local woman who immediately fell into a coma after delivering twins from pulmonary involvement from a previously undiagnosed metastatic choriocarcinoma only to die two months later.

      But nope! Her brutal experience was that they wanted her to leave her room to take a shower in a bathroom in the hall! Needless to say, she DID NOT do that!

      What a idiot!

  3. Basket of Blanket Scarves

    I love that she updated her giant smug-filled list of “must-haves” to share that she basically used none of them.

  4. Bacon in Beans at Restaurants

    A Boob nursing tank for her “going-home” outfit? What–did she think she was going to nurse in the cab?

    • Losing Weight For Jesus

      Do you think women change after every feeding? Newborns can nurse every hour. I wore nursing tanks for over a year.

  5. diluted brain

    I live in one of the suburbs and gave birth there but know the hospital she’s referring to as friends have delivered there. Regardless, we paid for a private room both times…. And do you know what happened… both babies (separate pregnancies) ended up in the NICU so there was no baby or person in the room with me. Luckily they ended up being fine, but what a shallow, crappy post about her bad post birth hospital experience. Some people don’t go home with their babies.
    Her and her perfect birth…. try having an emergency CS and then laboring before your scheduled CS as well, moron. Glad I don’t follow this fool.

  6. Grey Duck

    If ever we needed an explanation for why there are Nurse Ratched’s in the world, we need not look further than this twat… Jeezus! Also, want an immediate cure to your birth/post birth woes?
    ^^ #GreatfulnessRestored

    • Riding the baloney pony

      well that didn’t work as planned!

  7. Purple21

    “needless to say, it wasn’t a comfortable situation. my family came and I felt bad the whole time because of all the noise we were making…AND the worst part: Lu couldn’t stay. SO, that meant he had to leave around 8-10pm every night and I was alone in a tiny, cramped space (literally if you moved the separator curtain, I could touch the other new mama next to me). it was brutal, to say the least. ”

    I’d love to read the other new mama’s version of this – sharing a room with some shrill entitled blogger who didn’t take a shower the whole time (ugh) and had noisy visitors in the small room, and kept her husband there until he was finally kicked out at 10pm.

  8. lowedown

    Try having your baby stay in the Nicu while you have to be discharged home, you ungrateful twat. Or the agony of planning a funeral for your stillborn twins before you even leave the hospital. I’ve experienced the first as a new mom and the second countless times as a labor nurse. Guess what, people? Giving birth isn’t all about YOU. It’s about keeping you and your baby safe and healthy. So, sorry if we’re annoying your sleep, waking you up for vitals in the middle of the night. It’s not to piss our patients off…shocker. It’s to watch for postpartum complications like hemorrhage, infection, pre-eclampsia…all that could kill you.

    She’s gross for not showering after labor for two days, until she went home. I legit ran to the bathroom the morning after my c-section, I couldn’t wait to feel clean. Also, hospital food is probably a whole lot healthier than 90% of whatever carry out she’s bringing in and good luck getting/keeping your milk supply if all you live on are a handful of nuts.

  9. carcat1

    I mean, I almost died after giving birth but on the plus side my ICU room was private. I feel for her

  10. That Napping Nitwit

    I once worked for a week in a very remote “hospital/clinic” in rural Tanzania where there was at least one to two births a day. One woman was wheeled to the hospital in a wheelbarrow by her husband for an entire day while laboring. Guess what – not a single complaint. I realize there is no comparison, but those women were grateful to be delivering in a clinic rather than in a straw hut.

    Did any of the followers of this idiot call her on her characterization of brutal?

  11. EmilyEyeLash

    What a special snowflake she is.

  12. WitnessProtectionSwirl

    I hemorrhaged thanks to my doc giving me too much pitocin and had to lean on two nurses to be able to take a shower (and then only because I begged them to help me take a real shower because sponge baths don’t cut it). Poor thing waking up every time the other baby cried. That must be rough to wake up several times in the middle of the night as a new mom of an infant. She’s in for a real surprise when she gets home.