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Inspiralized Will Share Her Traumatic Post-Birth Story

Ali, runs some blog called ‘Inspiralized‘, has bravely shared her harrowing post-delivery experience. Going into the details of being forced to share a hospital room with another new mom, she says “it was brutal, to say the least.”

Ali begins by saying she and her husband wanted a private room in an NYC hospital and “we were willing to pay for it!”. Unfortunately she was treated as if she were like every other women in this city who gives birth – private rooms are first come, first served – and it was “just so cramped and uncomfortable”.

we did not get a private room – we got a room that we shared with another new mama and it was a tiny, tiny room separated by a single curtain…needless to say, it wasn’t a comfortable situation.

Ali goes on to describe the barbaric conditions she was subjected to.

I’d get woken up every time a nurse came in to check on the other patient. I’d hear her baby cry and it would wake me up…literally if you moved the separator curtain, I could touch the other new mama next to me.

Thankfully someone finally realized Ali was not receiving the VIP treatment she so deserved.

thank GOD my OB-GYN was in on Monday and came over to see me and…could see the look on my face and said, “do you want to get out of here?” and she discharged me a day early so I could be at home comfortable.

Once Ali’s ordeal came to an end and she could escape the Turkish prison conditions of New York City hospital postpartum recovery rooms, her “spirits lifted and I became excited to be a Mom”. No word on whether she plans to start a movement for on-demand private hospital rooms for the internet famous.

  1. super_empath

    This is rage-inducing for those of us who had life-threatening labor and delivery issues. This woman can f*** right off.

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  2. It depends on the pasta, Michelle!

    what a stupid twat. I live in China where woman literally sit in a giant room all together, literally like 20-30 beds in the ward, right until they're ready to deliver. It's normal. They'd think they were at the friggin' Ritz in a room with just one other! But I guess looking beyond yourself to see how privileged you are for one f**king second is too much to ask. Ugh.

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  3. Sleepy Baby Owl

    There are few things that make me angrier than the upper middle class, white, entitled "mamas." I had to share a tiny postpartum room when I had my first daughter. She was born at 5 lbs and purple because the cord had been wrapped around her neck, so I was, you know, thrilled, that she was alive and really wasn't too concerned with the state of my accommodations. There wasn't room for my husband to stay either, so I watched Friends and cuddled my baby and was fine, because I am an adult, and didn't need someone to "take care" of me other than the nurses who are there precisely for that purpose. My roommate was a 15 year old single mother who had no visitors except for a disapproving-sounding aunt type, so maybe, just maybe, her situation may have been slightly more difficult than mine. And I actually chose to speak to her - oh the horror! We cooed over each others' babies and compared breastfeeding strategies and it was actually really nice and I'll take human contact for $200, Alec. Sorry - when I get started on the "mamas" I kind of can't stop. (And don't talk to me about your precious birth plan either. Be happy your baby is alive and healthy.)

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  4. heathermka

    How dramatic. Not even. I love the name Luca, too but i don't get why she called him Luca when her husbands name is Lu. Lu and Luca? what?

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