Instagram Becoming Ground Zero For “Baby Role Play”

Instagram, home to millions of images of food and children, is apparently home to a new kind of image fun – “baby role play“.

It seems certain kinds of people enjoy “adopting” other peoples’ kids and creating fantasy stories. According to  Marco Chown Oved:

In conversations in the comments under each photo, the adopter can describe normal situations like playing with or feeding the baby, but sometimes the fantasies veer into sexual games…Even a cursory search brings up dozens of baby role plays on Instagram, many which describe sex in front of or with babies.

Stealing photos is not a new thing online, as shown by the story two weeks ago that revealed a woman using another woman’s son for her fake cancer blog. The Instagram role playing has apparently been on the mommysphere’s radar for a few months but continues to happen. This has prompted a petition directed at Instagram hoping to stop this activity:

Parents are having pictures they post stolen from their accounts and online. The pictures are being posted by other accounts for role playing purposes. Some of the role playing is harmless, but some of it includes violence and sex acts with the child.

With these kinds of stories happening more and more often it’s a wonder that any parent would post publicly available photos of their child anywhere.