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‘Instagram Husband’ Is Giving Me Life

Here is a nice evening lol for everyone –, a satirical support group for those poor men forced to photograph their wives for instagram.

If you did not laugh at that video then you don’t spend enough time on instagram. SOMI, Instagram Husband!

  1. Brenda Johnson


  2. Melissa

    Now that is some funny stuff!!!!

  3. bingo bronson

    the second couple is totally Emma and Trey from A Beautiful Mess. I can’t tell if knowing this makes me like it less because it’s affiliated with them…or if it makes me like it more because he’s willing to poke fun at his wife?

    • pingity1

      Are they all real couples??

      • wut

        I wondered that as well. If they’re real bloggers, kudos for being willing to draw back the curtain so to speak, but at the same time, STAHP with those ridiculous photos in the first place!

      • pop of neon

        Hello, Springfieldian here!

        yes, all of the featured couples are married in real life.

        The guys at the end who say “I’m an instagram husband” are just random dudes that happened to be in The Coffee Ethic while they were filming.

      • hashtag

        I think the first guy is the host from that local late night show E+E were interviewed on.

        • Emily

          Yeah, it was done by The Mystery Hour. I don’t think they did it for blog exposure at all, they’re just friends.

    • Blissfulignorance

      I don’t think it’s really poking fun at Emma/ABM though, I feel like it’s more of a “people think we have a cool job but it’s kind of lame/boring behind the scenes” thing. I guess kind of like “the office” or other shows like that (in the office it was supposed to be that they are business professionals but really it was just a lot of grind and lameness, here it’s that they’re supposed to be super-creative super-fun super-spontaneous twenty-somethings but it’s real just a lot of grind and lameness. Just like the office didn’t make fun of people working in an office, I don’t think this is poking fun at gram-celebs all that much. I think trey and Emma still think they have legit jobs, and I guess they do if it pays the bills)

  4. Virginia Apple

    “Babe. Higher.”

    omg bless you PP for sharing this.

    • Ashley Madison Rader

      The website is really funny, too. “She only speaks in emojis now.” LOL!!!!!!!!

  5. milkpaintismyhell


  6. Will Wear Uggs For Money

    The falling-over chick made me think of freaky poser and casual racist Sarah Tondello, who I can only assume falls on a regular basis.

    Bravo, Instagram Husband!

    • Boning for Jesus

      She keeps popping up in my Explore feed on IG. Is she as horrible as her hair suggests?

  7. The Cones of Dunshire

    I know that (realistically) Emma and Trey from ABM probably did that mostly for blawg views, but good lord, I can’t help but love them for it. That was hysterical. I feel like “Jer Bear” would be able to give us the raw view into that life, though. He’d probably need one of those silver shock blankets around his shoulders throughout his interview. And a sharpie-less mug of warm tea.

    • hashtagdeep

      “Jer Bear” would have probably just started silently crying, not moving a single muscle in his his face out of the Elsie’s Taking My Photo position we all know and love.

      God how I hope he’s making that face in his drivers license photo. With the parts of Elsie they couldn’t crop out visible around him, because she squealed “TRADITIONS!” and jumped in at the last minute.

    • Ashley Madison Rader

      I admire anyone who can look at themselves and laugh about what they see. You would never see Josh and Naomi participate in something like this.

    • lokicat

      Emma (despite her sad attempts at food) has always seemed like the more likable of that whole “beautiful” hot mess so I don’t feel badly thinking this is hilarious. The flag running is genius.

  8. hashtagdeep

    Can you imagine how much more obnoxious it must be in real life if they concede that much of their Instagramming is a joke?

    I mean, there has to be a lot more they weren’t willing to mock if they can watch this video and still justify dedicating so much time to curating photos and preening their feed. It’s definitely funny, but it would be so weird to keep asking your SO to do that shit after agreeing that it’s laughably ridiculous. And you know they’re going to.

  9. YayHookers

    Poor Nate and that twitching eye!

    May I also suggest Sad Etsy Boyfriends?

    • NOPE

      ok never heard of this site before.
      just checked every page.

      1) some of those etsy sellers have NO business selling crap on etsy. or anywhere.
      2) i think I actually saw a guy with a tear in his eye.
      3) i love the older guy with the goat tee who looks downright ready to explode with anger.
      4) some of those etsy bfs are HOT HOT HOT.
      5) really disappointed that i didn’t see my sisters BF in any of the pictures.

  10. double double this this

    I was literally just about to submit this as front page worthy! I half expected Adumb to make a cameo as a cry for help.

  11. smauge

    Don’t ya hate it when they make you like them? I’d love to know what Elsie thinks of it, because it’s basically just taking the complete piss out of her.
    I agree that Trey plays that perfectly. And the flag running! A real LOL moment.

    • hashtag

      she instagrammed a link to it, but somehow I feel like the message of the video is lost on her.

  12. monstergirl

    “Human Selfie Stick”. I died.

  13. broth deficiency

    the lady who falls down while posing in front of the fireplace – nod to sarah tondello ?