Instagram Now Lets The Thirsties Block Comments

Bloggers and Instagram thirsties are making panty pudding over a new feature which allows them to block comments containing certain keywords. Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom said in a blog post

[W]e need to promote a culture where everyone feels safe to be themselves without criticism or harassment.

Which is awesome in most contexts such as LGBTQ and abortion rights, or ending racism, or preventing schoolkids from being dunked in toilets just for having braces, or even actual sustained targeted instagram harassment. But let’s be honest – in this case it probably means instagram will turn into a neverending episode of “You Can Do Anything!”.

So I guess prepare for instagram to be even more of a circlejerk hugpuddle. Yawn.

  1. Coma Thruster


  2. oh get over yourself Melanie

    yeah brands (ie Zara) have already been using this to block people from calling them out for stealing designs from small artists

  3. crispenclean

    “I tried, so no one can criticize me.”
    Yeah, sounds about right as the motto for the Instagram generation.

  4. JIF

    Can I – the reader – also block IGers from using certain words?? Like “bravery” or “courage” when used to describe talking incessantly about oneself online and not, as you would assume, actual acts of bravery.

  5. JIF

    Oh, and “panty pudding” is equal parts hilarious and disgusting. I can’t handle that level of word-smithing.