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Internet Begins Trying To Identify The Begging Bloggers

A question published in Carolyn Hax’s column has the blog world snickering behind their hands while they try to guess the identity of the blogger couple mentioned by relatives seeking advice. It seems the letter writer’s brother and sister-in-law are running “a well-known blog” in a niche field, and:

Often, they will make comments about how our jobs are “not enhancing our soul” or “fail to contribute to our local economy with originality.” We more or less brushed this off until they sent a family-wide e-mail asking for a loan due to recent financial issues.

They go on to explain that the couple seem to always find ways to not pay for things when in a group by “getting a ride with other people, cajoling my in-laws to pick up a dinner tab, asking us to share a hotel room, etc.” In other words, your non-creative life is lame but we’re happy to let it to pay our bills.

Many people have emailed me theories about this letter; some saying it has to be fake, and many with their own idea of who the bloggers could be. So let’s kill a Saturday and discuss your theories right here instead of in my inbox.