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Internets Continues To Scratch Head Over Dooce And Tuff Relationship

It seems Heather Armstrong and Matt Tuff, the gentleman friend she has yet to mention on her blog, are starting to publicly acknowledge each other – at least on instagram. On a post early Wednesday Dooce wrote that she was on her way yet again to New York City, to which (hopefully both halves of) Tuff’s nose responded “See you soon.”:

Tuff had posted a photo of himself and Dooce to his instagram just hours earlier and the two exchanged sentiments, with Tuff telling Dooce she is “beautiful”, and Dooce responding that Tuff is “incredible”:

The question remains: are these two romantically involved? And if they are, will Dooce ever incorporate him into the blog or give any kind of heads up to her readers? And is Tuff her Mother’s Day gift or did her kids buy her a gallon jug of Cetaphil as well?