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Issa Waters Thinks You All Hate Fat People

In case Issa, thinks everything is anti-fat people,  wasn’t clear in her last rant about things she doesn’t want you to say, she has provided yet another long list of things not to say entitled “21 Things to Stop Saying Unless You Hate Fat People”.

The numbered list includes such forbidden phrases and topics as “anything about dieting, eating less, or exercising more”, saying “a specific size, shape, or weight that’s less okay”, “any statements about “childhood obesity””, and, with a stunning lack of self-awareness, she adds “[g]oing on and on and on about your opinion” to the list of “things that contribute to the very real abuse of and discrimination against fat people”.

Predictably this latest edition of “let’s talk about how everyone hates fat people omg stop talking about how you hate fat people!” attracted comments that she didn’t want to hear. This prompted Issa to add a couple of lovely postscripts to her original post:

Okay, gloves off people. If you read this post and then decide to make a comment explaining how fat is unhealthy, congratu-f******-lations, you hate fat people. What you are doing is ignorant, hateful, and harmful to our lives…We get it. You hate us. This list is for people who DON’T and who want to make changes in themselves….If your comment amounts to more lecturing about health, it’s going straight into the trash.

I don’t understand why someone would post a list that is basically the internet equivalent of a waving a red flag in front of fat haters, and then get pissed off when a bunch of people come in and try to tell them why being fat is wrong. And I really don’t understand why someone would do it repeatedly. Is she expecting a different result?

Issa I’m sorry you’re getting comments that displease you, but face it: you’ve been doing these “FAT IS AWESOMEEEE!” posts for a long, long time. You know what the typical response is going to be every single time you hit ‘publish’. If you can’t just turn on moderation and handle the comments by now without tacking on some aggro bird flipping addendum to your post , then maybe you should just turn off comments altogether.