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J. Crew Forbids Blogger From Taking Dressing Room Pictures

“A JC Shopping Habit”, like many “style” bloggers, regularly goes into her favorite store and does “dressing room reviews”. For those of you who don’t care (most of you) a “dressing room review” is when a blogger goes into the store, tries things on, takes pictures of it in the dressing room, and tells the world what they think of it. They may or may not buy the item, but either way the pictures of them wearing the item go up on their blog.

Well it seems that activity is frowned upon by some stores. “ajc” was recently informed by J. Crew that she is no longer allowed to take pictures of items until she has paid for them:

If you are wondering why I don’t have pictures, it is because the manager in my store asked me not to take them. She said she was asked by corporate J.Crew to tell me. She said clothes are property of J.Crew until I buy them. OK then, it is definitely not like those pictures are flattering.  I am not easily intimidated but I also don;t want to fight with them. So I am sorry if you are disappointed, but no more fitting room pictures. I am disappointed too. Not necessarily because of the pictures but in the way they handled it. It would be more classy to send me email through my blog. Oh well…

With more and more companies trying to work with bloggers by sending them items in exchange for brand pimping it certainly makes sense to me that they would want to prevent randoms from posting pics without any partnership involved. Obviously brands want to get their money’s worth with blogger marketing, and if any old person can post badly staged photos from a dressing room covered in discarded items, it lessens the value of the blogger partnerships that companies actually approve of.

Can companies really tell people they can’t take pictures of themselves for their own use on their own blogs? I can’t figure out from her wording if this blogger was singled out by J. Crew corporate or if this is a new company wide policy applying to all such photos and reviews. But since a lot of style bloggers participate in this type of review, I wonder how many other companies will follow the J. Crew lead and start clamping down on this?