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Jenna Cole Knows What Women Want

Jenna Cole, has a degree, knows all about politics and the economy. More importantly, she knows what women really want out of life: babies!

That’s right folks: Jenna knows that if you want to have kids you cannot have a heavy duty career as well. That’s why there are simply no women with children working in high powered job positions! And while we’re at it, let’s just admit a few other home truths as well:

Thank you, Jenna! Finally someone brave enough to acknowledge the truth: diversity in the workplace is bad for business! I’m so tired of people thinking that trying to have different types of people in the workforce is good for the economy. Everyone knows that the best way to run a company is to hire the same type of person over and over.

Let’s all take a moment to applaud Jenna on her well-informed and thoroughly thought out statements. It’s people like Jenna who will truly move America into the 21st century.