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Jenna Cole Wants To Know If Her Skincare Is Racist

Living Absolutely‘s Jenna, sex weeper, would like you to weigh in on whether or not white people are allowed to use charcoal skin masks. Yes, really.

Um. Maybe my cheese stands alone here but I’m going to go ahead say that unless you put on a charcoal skin mask and start performing “When The Red Robin Starts Bobbin’ Along”, no, it’s probably not racist. But I’m not as super incredibly constantly #wokeseeking as Jenna so what do I know.

  1. Perfect Ornament Placement Disorder

    If she is so concerned, how about just not post a picture of herself with a charcoal mask on?

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  2. that alien

    There she goes again, assuming people haven't heard of something just because she just discovered it herself.

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  3. Precious Collagen Ghee BunBun

    I think she was trying to make a joke?

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    • JIF

      That would be refreshing. No, this is typical Jenna. Jenna who thinks she is the most aware of us all that she’ll dream up something just to talk about it because she’s a brave warrior who starts conversations. This is 100% for - what she hopes will be positive and go viral - attention and to make a name for herself as the most Woke “Rich” White Lady.

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      • Perfect Ornament Placement Disorder

        That's not the effect it's having on most people, I'm sure.
        She sounds like an idiot.

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  4. Foxtrot84

    Any person using a face mask that doesn't match his/ her natural skin tone isn't racist (or interesting, but maybe that's just me?) Her pretending to be socially aware by asking if it's racist is exactly what is proving her to be racist.

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  5. Purple21

    Maybe she should use a green clay mask - it's great for cleansing sensitive skin and has the added bonus of being culturally aware without racist overtones.

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  6. snarchimedes

    It’s so narcissistic and absurd. If she were genuinely concerned about it, she wouldn’t do it. One time she posts a picture of her daughter making slant eyes and refused to take it down, despite many people letting her know it was f-ed up and offensive (her posting, NOT her daughter’s face, which was probably innocent), because she felt it was so important to “start a conversation.” She doesn’t give a shit about whether she’s being racist.

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  7. birthing like a pilgrim

    Just don't post a picture with a f*cking charcoal mask on. Problem solved.

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    • birthing like a pilgrim

      Or any kind of face mask, for that matter. I genuinely don't get this trend.

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  8. Going to the Boneyard on the Reg

    What the f*ck?

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