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Jennifer Thinks Your Partner’s Affair Is Probably Your Fault

Jennifer Carsen, some writer over at Parent Society, has written a super helpful post explaining why infidelity happens. To sum it up, your partner cheats because of you.

Evidently letting yourself go, not putting out enough, and directing your attention “to your children, or your job, or maybe even caring for an ailing parent” instead of your significant other will push them straight into the genitals of someone who puts down the fork and pulls their drawers to the side more frequently.

Whether these points have any basis in truth or not is beside the point to me. This article, which seems to be directed at women, smacks of the kind of mansplaining crap men say in order to absolve themselves of blame for porking someone else. Do we really need to legitimize the “it’s never my fault” movement with crap like this?

And by the way, saying there’s “no excuse for cheating” doesn’t mean squat when you then go on to excuse it with a list of 7 reasons why it’s the fault of the betrayed party.