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Jessica Quirk Has Bought A ‘Farmhouse’

What I Wore, she lived in Brooklyn once, has decided even Bloomtucky Indiana is too ‘city’ for the likes of her.

In her most recent post she has announced she and her husband have purchased a ‘midcentury farmhouse’.

Surprise! We bought the farm!! And by farm I mean farmhouse on a little bitta acreage. Adam and I have always had dreams of living with a little more open space to roam.

Although nobody has ever heard her mention this ‘dream’ before, she dives right in to her Lisa Douglas act.

We joined a co op for our electricity and water. We’re scoping out plans for chicken coops. We’ve ordered seeds for a late harvest. I’m reading books on growing vegetables for fun! This is happening!!!

She already has a pinterest board filled with ridonkulously expensive looking upgrades for the panelling-filled scrapheap she and Neckbeard are moving into. And while I love DIY as much as the next person I have to wonder how advisable it is for someone who posts near-daily crying jags on Instagram stories to take on such a huge project of a rural house, especially with two kids, not many friends, and apparently only one car.

But I guess those concerns are an afterthought to getting those instagrammable chicken coop pics. Too bad the ‘chickens and baskets and pegboards’ trend is already sputtering out.