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Jessica Quirk Wants To Bravely Wear Daily Costumes

Jessica Quirk, now doing What I Thought as well as what she wore, wants to know why she can’t go full costume every day – because apparently she feels like her “real self” when she’s…being someone else.

She starts this week’s journal entry by making sure we know she was the only woman brave enough to go to a Halloween party in a costume.

For whatever it’s worth, I was also the only woman dressed up at the party and I kept telling people “I feel like this is my true self!” And I did!

This is because she “felt so gorgeous – Including the unibrow! Like far and away so much better than I do on a daily basis.”  Then she breaks down the holiday for those of you non-braves.

…our conservative cultural boundaries are expanded and we can be whatever the hell we want! I wish we could all dress in a way that made us comfortable all the time without being ridiculed. It makes me feel really proud of people that are bold enough to dress in a way that’s not like everyone else.

You would think someone running a personal style blog would be one of those “bold enough” people who wear “whatever the hell” she wants. But your thinking would be full of wrongliness.

I don’t have the courage to be Frida on a random Thursday in Small Town, Indiana, toting around two small kids to Kroger and the playground and the farm supply store. But man, I wish I could.

I honestly don’t see why not. I thought small towns were known for having those random odd folks who go around being strange every day with no self-conciousness, the locals just smiling and saying “Oh that’s just Jessica, she’s a card but a good lady.” Maybe I’ve just watched too much Twin Peaks, though.

Anyway, since she is married, with a husband, to whom she is married, she had to talk it over with her husband, the man she is married to.

Adam was telling me about a friend of his from high school that’s fully committed to dressing in Goth all the time.

I don’t understand the “fully committed” thing. Like they just woke up one day and said “ya know, I’m going to commit to dressing goth!” the way someone says “from now on I’m a vegan” or “no more champagne at lunch when that cute waiter is working”? It just seems like that sort of thing isn’t some big dramatic Choice. Maybe it’s just…their personal style? And they dress as the person they are rather than some character? I guess Messica still isn’t ready to understand that concept.

Well these journal entries certainly are a non-fascinating look into the mind of What I Snore. I don’t know about you but I can’t wait for the next Lovepuppy 2.0 post!

  1. tannen18

    does she still live in bloomginton? not an important detail, but i lived in bloomington and its not amish/country folk/derp/ country USA like she paints it to be.

    • I Do Love a Good Radish Toast

      No kidding! Bloomington is a pretty freaking unusual, progressive place. I live in Indianapolis and she acts like Bloomington is some kind of hilljack back country. Uh, no. Maybe she just thinks it makes her more ironic if she is omgsoooo “out there” in her “rural” town?

  2. Potato With Legs

    Someone actually invited her to a party?

  3. sponsoredcontent

    I cannot think of too many things more offensive than a white lady from Indiana telling a bunch of other white ladies from Indiana that she feels most like her “true self” when she has a drawn-on unibrow she copied from a disabled Latina woman. I mean, I can think of a few, but not very many.

    Also, isn’t her whole blog about wearing “whatever the hell [she] wants”?! What have we been reading for the last decade if not a blog about whatever the hell Messica feels like wearing?

  4. lurkatic

    I kind of feel sad for her that she seems kind of self conscious about dressing “different” (i.e. wearing a basic b**** costume TO A HALLOWEEN PARTY). Also: you’re a grown ass woman who doesn’t work in a super uptight professional field, or anything. You can literally wear whatever you want to the grocery store.

    BREAK THOSE OLD NAVY SHACKLES THAT BIND YOU, J QUIRK. Wear a flower crown to Kroger.

    • Potato With Legs

      Mon dieu. I seriously doubt anyone in Bloomington would bat an eye at whatever she chooses to wear, based on some of the getups I see around town on a regular basis. Maybe she’s still hung up on what the sisters of Delta Gamma think of her. I honestly have no idea why she constantly thinks everyone gives a tip about her or her spawn, or her dorky husband. No one cares. The end.

  5. Gas Station Froyo Doesn't Photograph Itself

    Aside from a drawn-on unibrow, she’s just wearing a shawl, dress, necklace and flowers in her hair. This barely looks like a costume.

  6. Resting Murder Face

    I don’t understand how this is that different from how she normally dresses.This looks like date night at Adam’s bar with minor tweaking. It’s her same Free People dress. Her standard makeup with slightly darker lipstick and a unibrow. And she stuck three derpy flowers in her hair. I just wish she had penciled in hair on her upper lip to complete the look.

  7. i just cant even

    I highly doubt she was “invited to a party” my guess is she went to FAQ’s preschool party and was the only mom who showed up in costume. So many eyerolls.

  8. just stahp

    Every outfit on her blog is a friggen costume. What the hell is she talking about here???? 70s art teacher? French woman? Mama goddess?? WTF.

  9. Resentment Rental

    Didn’t she just move to farm or homestead or something like that? I’m interested in homesteading (not actually gonna ever do it, but I love watching those channels on YouTube) and thought it would be interesting to see her set up her farm. oh well…

    • sponsoredcontent

      She moved to what appears to be a crappy but largish piece of land on the outskirts or just outside of Bloomington. It does not appear to have been farmed in the recent past, and the house is a jumble of additions and architectural styles, but none of this stops Messi from calling it “the country” or her “farmhouse.” Her husband seems to fancy himself a local farmer and wants to grow things for his distillery, and Messi seems to think she can just waltz into the Bloomington farmers market and sell fresh-cut flowers. It’s not clear that either of them have the know-how or discipline to make this happen. Basically, they moved from a cute house in a walkable neighborhood to the middle of nowhere with no real plan other than Messica not leaving the house any more than she has to.

      • Potato With Legs

        Excuse you, she lives 10 minutes from Target and she’s there at least once a week, plus she goes to Kroger every Monday! She gets out plenty!

        • sponsoredcontent

          Hahahaha… I wish someone had told 2007 Messica how much time she’d be spending at Target one day. She would have immediately responded with a snooty post about how she’s naturally thin and believes in shopping locally and WHY DOESN’T ANYONE LIKE ME???

  10. mouser

    I’m from Bloomington. I seriously don’t understand where this woman is coming from. It’s a progressive college town that is a combination of the eclectic college students and the people that were raised there. It’s not a backward community where people are washing their clothes in the creek. Her portrayal of my hometown is insulting. She’s just insufferable!