Fashion Blogging Slow News Day

Jessica Quirk Will Finally Squirk A Ladybaby

I guess the headline says it all, but Jessica Quirk, still managing to keep her What I Wore blog limping along, has announced she is indeed squirked up with a tiny female human.

I’m so excited to share some fun news with you! Our growing family is excited to announce we have a baby girl on the way! We are thrilled! This pregnancy has been so different from my first so I had a hunch we’d be adding a daughter to our crew. I even started a baby quilt for her room a few weeks before I knew for sure!

Misusing the word ‘gender’ just like every other blogger who wants a reason to instagram a pink or blue cake, Messica makes sure we know Squirk 1.0 is thrilled about being dethroned by the long awaited Mini-Messi.

We’ve had a name picked out since before our first was born, so now we just need to narrow down a middle name. Knowing her gender has done a lot for me and pregnancy bonding and it’s so fun to say ‘she’ and to prep Felix for his little sister. Last night in his sleep he reached over to my stomach and said BABY!

Sure. Why not.

Anyway, I’m sure 99% of you don’t give a toss about Messica’s uterine contents but I think we can all agree poor Kins needed to stop being at the top of the page. So just pretend this is ‘news’ and then feel free to comment ‘who?’ and ‘no1curr’ so poor Fat Naked Baby can fade from top post.

  1. Grifted Baby

    What’s a “Quirk”?

    • Covered in Dog Hair

      My gif didn’t work. 🙁 It was from the Golden Girls. Anyhoo. Her gender reveal was predictably boring, just like everything about her.

  2. lala

    THANK YOU! I couldn’t stand to see that last post one more day.

  3. M

    Let the name reveal countdown begin!

    • Covered in Dog Hair

      It’s definitely going to be something old school and QUIRK-y, like Mathilde or Florence or Virginia. Because having the last name “Quirk” is literally not quirky enough for Messi, style icon, tastemaker, influencer and rebel.

    • size small caftan

      It will be something guessed already on GOMI, because she made sure to say they’ve had the name picked out for years (see? she had it first).

    • size small caftan

      Or, maybe that means she’s using a name that’s already been used by a popular blogger. She can say she had it picked out years ago so she did so not copy it from whoever (from Naomi is my guess).

  4. SoBrave.MuchFeels

    Messi when she found out she’s getting her dream girl:

  5. Sending love and good humps you're way

    I love the OMG-flowers-for-me?? expression on her face when her son is giving her flowers.

    like it’s this beautiful candid moment.

  6. size small caftan

    Squirk 1.0 looks just like Messi, but I have a feeling this kid will come out looking just like Adam.

    • Nah. Messica’s ego would never tolerate it if her daughter didn’t pop out with blonde hair and Messica’s face so she could crow about how her daughter is a little clone of herself. She’ll probably be tweetbragging about how long little Beatrix’s legs are before she’s even out of LDRP.

      • Ja'Crispy

        I actually really love the name Beatrix. *Monkey covering eyes emoji* lNxW6.gif

  7. Coco le Rockstud

    I’m guessing Rose

  8. Right on Top of That Rose

    literally came by to see if something had finally replaced that altogether uncomfortable story so i wholeheartedly applaud your decision to use Messi as bump filler. thank you.

  9. Bra Seams and Sunbeams

    Listen, if you’re gonna wear a dress made of smooth fabric that is tight across the bust and take a bunch of shots of your body in profile, MAYBE also wear a bra with seamless cups?

  10. M

    Also, how is that Pink Peonies, M Loves M, AND What I Wore all posted maternity pictures this week? All three of them have flowers, flowy dresses, and nature backdrops…do these bloggers coordinate?! IS IT SIMPLY COINCIDENCE?!

    • MissMorland

      Isn’t it amazing how all the unique, original mommies-to-be do their unique, original maternity photos in the same unique, original way?

    • Covered in Dog Hair

      It’s funny especially in light of Messi’s rant some time ago on her blergh that she was OMG SO SICK of fashion blogging because everyone looks the same and is young and white and thin, even though she acknowledged she is ALSO white and thin, so she is part of the problem she hates, but that didn’t stop her from posting her bitter screed because of course it didn’t.

  11. YayHookers

    Yay, Exploited Fat Baby has been bumped!

    I mean, congratulations on the XX chromosomes.

    • Hamilbread

      Exploited Fat Baby shouldn’t have been there in the first place. I don’t think we needed an update on how her creepy “fans” are still creepy and her mom still doesn’t DGAF.

      But nothing more interesting happened in the blog world since the Exploited Baby update? Baby Squirk is the best thing out there?

  12. Slaggy Whores Are Pretty Smart

    Who? No1curr.