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Jessica Quirk Will Finally Squirk A Ladybaby

I guess the headline says it all, but Jessica Quirk, still managing to keep her What I Wore blog limping along, has announced she is indeed squirked up with a tiny female human.

I’m so excited to share some fun news with you! Our growing family is excited to announce we have a baby girl on the way! We are thrilled! This pregnancy has been so different from my first so I had a hunch we’d be adding a daughter to our crew. I even started a baby quilt for her room a few weeks before I knew for sure!

Misusing the word ‘gender’ just like every other blogger who wants a reason to instagram a pink or blue cake, Messica makes sure we know Squirk 1.0 is thrilled about being dethroned by the long awaited Mini-Messi.

We’ve had a name picked out since before our first was born, so now we just need to narrow down a middle name. Knowing her gender has done a lot for me and pregnancy bonding and it’s so fun to say ‘she’ and to prep Felix for his little sister. Last night in his sleep he reached over to my stomach and said BABY!

Sure. Why not.

Anyway, I’m sure 99% of you don’t give a toss about Messica’s uterine contents but I think we can all agree poor Kins needed to stop being at the top of the page. So just pretend this is ‘news’ and then feel free to comment ‘who?’ and ‘no1curr’ so poor Fat Naked Baby can fade from top post.

  1. Happiest_girl

    I def dontcurr. But, I have a question as a non native English speaker - how did she misuse the word "gender"? Not saying she didn't, just literally don't know. Thanks!

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    • Saint Dorothy Mantooth

      "Gender" is a personal identity. You can't really know a baby's gender because you haven't met them yet. All you know is their biological sex.

      One way it gets described sometimes is, "Your gender is between your ears, and your sex is between your legs."

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    • Saint Dorothy Mantooth

      And although I'm usually banging the drum hard on the sex vs. gender distinction, I sympathize a little when it comes to infants. It's silly to talk about babies having gender, but it's weird to talk about babies having sex!

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      • Happiest_girl

        Huh, interesting. Never knew that - you live, you learn. I always thought they were interchangeable. Thanks for the explanation! *walks away enlightened*

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