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Jessica Quirk Will Start Journaling On ‘What I Wore’

Jessica Quirk, used to be a personal style blogger, is now apprently just a regular blogger. She has announced she intends to begin posting personal journal entries to WIW.

She begins with her usual yearly ‘but I am le tired’ whine about her ‘job’. This time the complaint is that blogging “used to be so different” but now “posts are full of images and back links and affiliates with corresponding social media blurbs”. She suddenly starts explaining that she never really fit in anywhere because as a teen she was “the virgin who’s never smoked a cigarette”, and now she feels like a “black sheep” because she breastfeeds in public but isn’t a granola hippie.

She then says “online, I do feel like I fit in”. And she has now realized that you like her for her, not for the original stated purpose of the blog she started “ten years ago”.

…the reason people keep reading my blog isn’t about the clothes. It hasn’t been about the clothes for a long time. It’s about me and it’s about you – the reader – the friend from across the country or across the globe. It’s about how you make me feel like the best version of myself because you get it.

Since the intarwebs makes Jessica feel great about Jessica she has decided to start posting a bunch of Dear Diary junk to her fashion blog.

So that’s what I’m going to do. I’ve got this place and I’ve got you. I’m ready to use this space for more than just wardrobe suggestions or home decor projects (they’ll be here too!). I still like those things, but I need a journal, so this is where it’ll live.

So…it’s basically going to be her instagram stories in text form, I guess. It sounds like the point of this change is that Jessica wants the internet to be her personal therapist and life coach.

Writing it all down forces me to really examine my reasons for doing things. Why do I care what people think about me? Why am I doing this? How can I learn? How can I grow?

Well this should be thrilling. If there’s anything the world needs it’s more of Messica “talk[ing] about life off the cuff”. Watch her go.

  1. Waving at People

    Awesome! I hope she changes the name of her blog to LovePuppy2.0

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  2. King James Virgin Only

    "How can I learn? How can I grow?"

    Well, for one thing, you can try to understand that there are very few people who are "all in on one side or the other." Human beings aren't living, breathing stereotypes. We're ALL complex, not just you. (In other words, I'm pretty sure they won't kick your kid out of that alternative school if they find out you're not burning the required amount of patchouli.)

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    • Waving at People

      She could learn or grow by not stereotyping all the people in her real life. She's put them in category buckets and used that as an excuse for why they can't be her friends.

      She isn't a special snowflake because she's not all-in crunchy earth mama or all-in grocery store person. That is most people, in between. She is average and she has a lot of company, but she won't see it. Avoiding interpersonal relationships is her jam and Jotting It Down will enable that. This way she can feel special and superior but still have "friends", even if those friends are mainly just on the receiving end of her online monologues.

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      • sponsoredcontent

        Yep. She seems to still give a s**t that she was neither rebel nor youth group goody-goody in high school and is still applying it to labels she places on adults. It’s so weird, she cloth-diapers (or did) a bit, and she was a vegan to impress a boy back in the late aughts, but “earth mama” has never really described her and that’s fine. Too many donuts and fast fashion garments. But she seems to judge herself against that yardstick. Anyway, as KJVO said above, she’s not going to get kicked out of the alternative pre-school — probably nearly every parent there gives their kid junk food from time to time. You can be someone who shops at Kroger and goes to the farmers market every weekend. It’s called being a normal person, and it’s not hard to make friends if you admit to being one.

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  3. JuliasTooSmallTutu

    She really can’t stand that she never made it big with WIW.

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  4. GotAnyGrapes

    Le tired reference FTW! Although it feels more relevant than funny these days.

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  5. jobless ground turkey blogger

    "I need a journal so this is where it'll live"

    Free protip, Messi: go buy a 50 cent composition notebook, comments on those are already turned off!

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  6. Glen Coco

    This is intensely juvenile and I cannot wait to read more.

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    • Gas Station Froyo Doesn't Photograph Itself

      Seriously. As much as I agree 100% with the "what the hell, why is she doing this?" comments, I am SO EXCITED. It's rather annoying/impractical to listen to her instastories while I'm at work, so this is much more convenient.

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      • Glen Coco

        Its such a gift. I always wanted more of the Love Puppy Drivel and now we get it! I just hope she's more committed to this than 52 Thoughts (did we actually get 52?) or #jessicas100piesover6years

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        • Waving at People

          She's about halfway through the pies, but I think she gave up thinking the thoughts. We didn't get 52, she must not have had that many?

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