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Jessica Quirk Would Like You To Buy Her Clothes

Jessica Quirk of What I Wore is making it possible for you to wear what she wore – for a price.

Messica has announced she is selling a whole grip of clothes under the guise of a supery dupery helpful post about closet curation. In a groundbreaking process that will forever change the way women purge their wardrobe, she explains how she pulls everything out and tosses anything that doesn’t fit or is worn out. As a married woman who had a wedding and has a husband, she says she has “so much trouble doing this on my own that I make Adam get in there with me”. Because if there’s one thing husbands love to do it’s help their wives look at clothes.

Anykonmaris, Messy finally says what literally everyone has been thinking since about 2013.

…the past couple cycles of closet clean outs have been the hardest because I have to admit to myself a) my body is different after pregnancy and breastfeeding and b) I’m not in my twenties anymore…

Well there’s a realization that took its pleasant rose-smelling time coming. The light bulb finally turning on may explain why she’s selling what seems like an endless pile of horizontal striped shirts on her instagram shop.

Runs small, so it’s basically a size medium! Thanks!

She goes on to say you can either sell or donate your clothes, or both. Now that you have previously unknown details about the mysterious process of cleaning out your closet, she reminds you to stop by her instagram where she has “a current auction that just went live this morning, so you can see what I mean!”

  1. pure caos

    She is making it possible to wear what she wore and what she *didn’t* wear. We’ve never seen half of those things from her current insta sale worn on the blog.

  2. Potato With Legs

    She “makes” her husband help her sort through clothes? Am I the only one who sees the scenario the other way around–him making HER go into her closet (or storage unit) and demanding she start getting rid of shit before she buys anything else? Every other week she’s whining on Instastories about being broke. She reminds me of women who send themselves flowers then post them on Facebook telling the world “surprise bouquet from my sweet hubby!”

    • pure caos

      Nah I don’t think Adam is doing that. She is emotionally fragile and he probably walks on eggshells around her regularly, hoping not to set her off on a crying jag. No way would he get on her case about her totes full of clothes. I’m sure it’s not the hill he wants to die on.

  3. sequential shift refresh

    Why are they so broke?

  4. sequential shift refresh

    And is auctioning off your goods on instagram a thing? Why not use Poshmark? Just curious.

    • pure caos

      Jessica has an internet platform that most people don’t have. She can make a decent amount of money, quickly, by selling her clothes on instagram with very little effort. For the rest of us, we have to work at it and/or give a cut to a resale shop (or donate). Her comment that you don’t need a million followers to sell an item on Instagram, it just takes one, is stupid advice for most people.

  5. domino sugar

    She’s totes the next KonMari! Groundbreaking.