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JoAnn Would Like To Share Her Feelings About Everything

JoAnn, of the facebook group “JoAnn’s blog”, has a few thoughts on the use of the word gay. Actually, she has a lot of thoughts about it. And many feelings too, apparently.

I tried to use my thesaurus to find the original English translation of the word “gay.” And guess what? There literally was no comparative word, none, nada, zip! It’s like the word gay no long is to be used to describe and giddy feeling.

JoAnn continued her search for clarity and “thesaurused” other words:

I keyed in the words “queer” and “fairy” and feminine and got the exact English translations to their definitions. So why not the word homosexual? Because for all the whooplah and coming out of the closet celebrations, homosexuals are still ashamed. And IMHO, they should be.

After telling you to be ashamed of being gay, she goes on to admonish you for…not being proud of it?

If you are not ashamed of your decisions, then straight up say so. You announce to the world you are gay? You parade around, or should I say “sash-ay” around, tilting your heads and wiggling touches, looking like you’re available for an afternoon or twilight delight…If you are a man, than for God’s sake, stop acting femmie! It’s gross. Act like a man!!

But don’t think “straight up say so” means you can actually “say so” around JoAnn!

The minute they say, “I’m gay” you immediately know HOW they have sex with a MAN, the only way a man can have sex with a man…I don’t give a flyin flip what you do in your private life, so STOP INFORMING ME OF IT.

It’s not just gay men JoAnn hates. She apparently hates heterosexual women as well, telling them to stop “behaving like gutter trash, like s**t-slop”, and saying you need to act like a woman instead of a “dike” because “you are telling everyone that you are no different than a skanky, sloppy seconds smellin’ wh**e”.

JoAnn enters the home stretch by telling the internets that she knows “I’ve convinced every homosexual reader that I can be labeled a homophobic. (I totally am not!)” before going on to tell you to stop “acting like a limp dishrag, and a woman with a tool belt” and “at least pretend” to be a real man or a real woman. She ends her tirade by chastising the LGBT community for using “God’s signature as your banner”.

A Rainbow was God’s signature promise to a man and his family that He would never destroy the earth with a flood again. That man was Noah.

Be sure to click over and read the entire rant. It is truly a thing of internet beauty and lols.