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Jonny Straws Leaves Instagram

Jonny Straws, once a self-described “Cancer/Lupus Fighter”, has taken his exercise ball and gone home.

For those of you not familiar with Straws, he is another fitstagram weight lifting guy who apparently has cancer. He recently posted some odd ramble about giving up ‘this fight’.

I have suffered a setback with my treatment. One that leaves many questions that aren’t met with many answers to give to those that inquire. As I search for options, I crave rest. Without much of either, I look back on the journey of my disease both personally and with my clients and embrace the goals that have been achieved. NeverFail has been a creed- a purpose- a mission. One that states that as long as you don’t quit in pursuit of your dreams you will not fail. I believe that to be true. I’ve seen it. I know it. But life does not always extend the time to accomplish all those goals for those that are sick. Some things cannot be overcome. And the undefeated champion of our existence is Father Time. While I don’t know how much longer I have with this cruel bed fellow- I realize saving ammunition against it may be my best strategy. To lay down my guns and give up this fight. Not in lieu of not having hope or forgoing a future. I still have and wish for both. But in order to realize -that perhaps- I have won the battles I needed to. I have served my purpose and to come to peace with that.

Now, after removing dozens of posts from his account, he has announced on IG Live that he would be leaving social media. It seems he has at least left instagram since his account says “Page Not Found”. There is no word on whether Straws is still receiving treatment for cancer.