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Jordan Reid Finally Saw Some Poverty, Wants To Tell You About Racism

Jordan Reid, self-proclaimed ‘writer’, is on her family roadtrip from NYC to San Jose. Along the way she decided to stop in Hot Springs, Arkansas for a ‘couple of days’.

I want to be clear: there are great things about the area. It is beautiful out there in the country…There is so much poverty. There is so much decay. And god, is there ever a lot of racial tension; you can practically feel it in the air.

The ‘liberal resident of a coastal state’ then described the horrifying situations she was exposed to in omgAR.

The hotel we stayed in – which was the second-nicest one in town, from what I gathered – had cockroaches on the floor, chipped walls in the elevators, trash on the mattresses, a two-foot-wide pool of water in the carpet from a leaky air conditioner, and burned-out lightbulbs. Outside the hotel sat a woman in a wheelchair wearing a Confederate flag t-shirt, smoking alternately from the long cigarettes she held, one in each hand.

This basically sounds like something from any number of New York City neighborhoods, so I’m not sure why she had to travel to Dixie to experience such upsetting sights. She goes on to say the ‘hotel received two visits from police officers within twelve hours (two that we knew of, at least)’; that she heard someone use the n word; that she and her family unwittingly rode in an elevator where someone had been pepper sprayed minutes before.

I can’t feel good about having gone to this place, and failing to show you what I really saw. Because there was a dark and ugly undercurrent hiding behind the facade of leisure…

Jordan is responding to the collective ‘wtf?’ of much of her audience by saying ‘it was important to write about it – if only for the reason that writing gets people talking’. Because obviously nobody was discussing poverty and racism in America until a white, upper middle class lady from a white, upper middle class suburb told everyone how awful poverty and racism are, and she should know because she made a choice to stay in a bad hotel that one time.

  1. Snarkarella Queen of Snark


    • what_is_written

      This was seriously my face exactly.

      • Better cancer than grad school!

        I stayed at the La Quinta there. No, its not five star and they don’t have room service, but it was overall pleasant. Plus, they have mini-waffles. Who doesn’t love mini-waffles?

        • Ashley

          I’m from the area and visit Hot Springs numerous times a year, it’s clear that she A) spent no actual time in the town, B) specifically sought out the shittiest looking street to support her uninformed snobby rant, and C) that she’s the worst hotel booker on the planet. I can count numerous hotels that I’ve stayed in that are perfectly nice including an EMBASSY f**kING SUITES that is even up to the standards of her prissy east cost ass.

          • mscogsworthy

            No shit, man. Hot Springs has some *gorgeous* historic hotels, too. But no. It’s Arkansas; therefore, we are all poor racist morons living in shitholes.

          • pxlchk1


            We were just there year before last. There is a row of spas on the main drag and beautiful historic hotels.

            Is she sure she was in Hot Springs?

  2. Mind if I do a J?


  3. JuliasTooSmallTutu

    She felt it was so important to shine a light on poverty and racism in America that she immediately shoved two posts (one an affiliated linkapalooza because poverty matters but shopping matters more) on top of it the second she got some WTF comments on her Privileged White Lady Shows You That Poverty Sucks post.

  4. Snarkastic

    Tl,dr: Priceline can be an unpleasant surprise.

  5. x-designer

    No Holiday Inn Express? Please. If the 2nd best was my only hotel choice… I would have kept driving to the next town, even if it meant 16 more hours to do so.

    • Buttercream Life Goals

      Yeah, garbage on the mattress is a dealbreaker.

      • Verb Myself Back to Canada

        Garbage on the mattress to an uppity blogger who’s afraid of being in the same room as poors might have been a pizza delivery flyer or something…let’s remember the source, please…

        • Dowager Countess Does Not Approve

          Um, I just srsly cackled out loud at verby Canadian. Perspective, you win at it.

    • Fancy Eleganza

      Jordan should have chosen the nicest hotel in town. It had free WiFi, complementary coffee and Danishes in the lobby and only a little garbage on the mattress.

    • Ramcat Hamcat

      That was my thought too… She chose to stay there. WTF? And she had to drive all the way to Arkansas to see poverty and racism? It makes me wonder if she stopped there and stayed at such a crappy motel with the intention of writing a post like this. I wonder which she did first: write the post or chose her hotel?

    • hashtagdeep

      I lived in Hot Springs for several years. It’s a modern tourist town, and is just as full of average Holiday Inns as anywhere. One of the best-known landmarks is The Arlington, which is beyond gorgeous and full of history.

      This b**** is crying “poverty” to avoid admitting she didn’t look at what she booked on Priceline.

      The Arlington, by the way:

      • carefully curated makeup

        Yep. I think she’s lying. There is the Arlington, a Marriott, a Hampton inn … She either made a lousy choice or is embellishing to prove her weak point.

      • Incontinent Pigeon

        Thank you, hashtag, I came here to call BS on her hotel moaning and mention The Arlington. Also, poor people in wheelchairs? N word? Burned out lightbulbs? Police officers? Leaks? Has she never, ever gone outside? Stepped outside of her bubble? Watched TV? Heard rap music? These things are pretty much real life no matter where you are. She’s insufferable.

  6. Sassy Mcsassy

    I’m glad she was able to shine light on how inconvenient racism and poverty can be to your vacation, such a mood killer.

  7. It's Cristal Now


  8. Semi Ho

    Aw poor dear. She should have driven a few more hours to Dallas, where the hotels are luxurious and the ugly undercurrent beneath the facade of leisure is better hidden.
    I do love the idea of her getting into an elevator full of pepper spray.

    • BindsTheTuna

      Or she could’ve stopped in Little Rock, which she drove right past.

      • InsecureSportsBraWoman

        but they don’t know where they’re staying every night!! its a ramshackle trip!!

        • BindsTheTuna

          That is bullshit. (Not you, her.)

          Hot Springs is a GOOD 20 miles off I-30. You don’t just end up there, you have to plan to GO there. So, if the plan was to stop in Hot Springs (Which is fine. It’s a tourist destination with LOTS of stuff to do that don’t involve police and trash on mattresses.) then they could’ve looked on f**king TripAdvisor. God.

          • Snarknado

            and Hot Springs is NOT a rundown little town. I’m there frequently and you’re right that TONS of tourists go there throughout the year.

        • holla

          LOL ramshackle trip

      • Semi Ho

        Not to disparage Little Rock. I definitely try to stay in cities on a road trip because when you find a gross hotel you can walk right back out and find something nice. But if you’re looking for a bright shiny privilege bubble, no city in flyover country does it better than Dallas.

      • Snarky McSnarkerson

        She should have visited Little Rock back in the day, when downtown was a lot grittier than it is now.

        As someone who grew up in Arkansas, I have to scoff at her hand-wringing over Hot Springs. GTFOMI.

        • Juliasugarbaker

          So much this. I’m from Arkansas and all I can say is what an idiot.

          • Sweetie Darling

            So much Arkansas love~this makes me happy!

    • Apeeling Attire

      Girl, that is a spot-on analysis of Dallas IMO.

    • phone

      It was probably just some Axe.

    • New Generation Eye Massager with Mood Light and Airbags

      No one with half a brain would use pepper spray in an elevator. She’s either grossly exaggerating or simply making shit up.

  9. heretoby

    Isn’t Hot Springs a touristy place? I have a hard time believing it doesn’t have a third, nicer hotel.

    • heretoby

      I just saw that in the comments someone brings this up, and she says “We are choosing to support local establishments on this trip instead of chains whenever possible.” So . . . it was the second nicest “locally owned” hotel in the town? That’s not the same thing (if it is true).

    • sunyourbuns

      That’s what I just looked up. Jordan is full of shit. The #2 hotel (according to trip advisor) is the Comfort Suites which looks perfectly fine and has a rating of excellent on TA. There’s also an Embassy Suites (coming in at a lowly #6) that looks nice as well.

      • Terrifying Buttercream Preadator

        Hot Springs does have a few seedy places but there are some very nice little independently owned motels. They also have a really nice water park, science museum, art galleries and botanic gardens. Guess none of those fit into her narrative.

        • attachment gardening

          This. For some weird, unknown reason my parents took me to Hot Springs every year and now my husband and I go every couple of years (we’re pretty near and kind of in love with the Garvan Gardens). It’s like she sought out the shittiest, dirtiest places just to blog about them. f**k that nonsense.

    • potatohead

      Yeah, my huscat went hiking in Hot Springs last year and stayed in a HOSTEL and it was fine and cute and clean. Is she sure she was in Hot Springs? Tourist destination, arts area and home to like 30 B&Bs?

      • Buttercream Life Goals

        Jordan isn’t known for her understanding of maps, or neighbourhoods. She probably wasn’t in Hot Springs at all.

        • potatohead

          Maps are for the poors.

        • Sparkly Crystal Chandler


          • Matching Adult Sized Care Bear Undies

            I had forgotten about her! Thanks for the LOL.

            • potatohead

              She was on Amazing Race a few years ago and was kind of sweet and then I almost felt bad for laughing at her.


              • Better cancer than grad school!

                I liked her on Amazing Race.

      • Apeeling Attire

        Did she not think that any of her readers (or any of us here) would call her on her BS? It’s not like we don’t have the ENTIRE INTERNET at our disposal to research her bogus Hot Springs claims…

    • Snarknado

      Yes, and it has really nice hotels. A beautiful downtown.

      • Ham Holder

        I loved her, “this is what was saw” photos.

        Oh my god, you saw ACTUALLY RAMSHACKLE family-owned businesses that aren’t twee boutiques, nor chains. That must’ve been really hard for you to look at.

    • phylly3

      It is and I’m not sure what Hot Springs she went to. My sister lives there and we just attended her son’s wedding. We stayed at the Candlewood Suites which was near many other national hotels, Comfort Inn &Suites, Holiday Inn Express, etc. Along Lake Hamilton are swanky hotels and condo’s for rent. Downtown, where the hot springs, old bath house row, shops, grottos, outdoor music venues, restaurants are located are 2 historic hotels, the Arlington being one of them. It is old and a focal point of the old downtown scene. It is furnished in period and has a grand lobby.If she was looking for mom and pop hotels, just like any other city there are some pretty awful ones to be sure.

  10. sigh.gif

    You know what would have mitigated this situation?
    1. Google Maps.
    2. Pre-booked hotels with good Yelp reviews.

  11. sunyourbuns

    Why would you stay in a hotel like that if it’s really that awful? You have a car and two adult drivers. You have an iphone/ipad/whatever. Fifteen seconds of googling will help you find somewhere to stay that doesn’t involve pools of water on the floor & trash on the mattress.

    That’s not even planning in advance, it’s just not being an idiot and/or a liar who makes up stories for the sake of a blog post.

    • KAS

      It was a holiday weekend. They might have backed themselves into a corner through poor planning. Still not sure I would stay, though.

  12. blubbery muffins

    Someone lectured her on her poor hotel-selecting skills, since the hotel is apparently #26 out of 41 on TripAdvisor. A reader responded to this well-reasoned statement by calling the commenter ANTI-FEMINIST.

    • Like Did Bacall

      How it is anti-feminist to make hotel suggestions? Who are these people?

      Shout out to Jordan, who took valuable time from posing for gape-mouth selfies, to teach us that racism and poverty occur in the US. I had no idea.

      As an aside, I thought silent farts were brutal enough in elevators, but I guess they’re better than pepper spray, huh? #southernelevatorproblems

      • JuliasTooSmallTutu

        In Jordan’s world feminism is less about equality for everyone and more about how she should get to do whatever she wants without ever being told she’s wrong. Even if that means taking her kids to a roach and garbage infested motel so she can cough up some word vomit on poverty and racism.

        • Verb Myself Back to Canada

          Not just Jordan’s world…in a lot of bloggers’ worlds…disagree with them over something=attacking a fellow woman=you’re ruining feminism. Eyerolls for days.

    • Sister Friend

      I could watch this gif all day.

  13. Xegbp

    There are 41 hotels in Hot Springs according to tripadvisor, including a Holiday Inn Express, Comfort Inn, Staybridge and many other chains. She is an idiot.

    • blubbery muffins

      But she’s being so generous by only supporting ~*local businesses*~. They should thank her for risking the safety of her children in order to generate questionable blog content…I mean, for supporting the local economy!

      • BassGuitar

        This times a billion!

        How many of us immediately looked up “Hot Springs, AR” on tripadvisor when we read the “second best hotel” comment?

      • cupcake cray cray

        And if ‘supporting local businesses’ was the most important thing to her, she could have just left the seedy motel, not asked for a refund, and took her children to another, safer hotel. It’s not like the hotel staff would have said “Well, those people didn’t spend the entire night here, so, in good conscience, we can’t charge them!” They would have kept her money, and her children could have slept in a non-garbage-covered-mattress. It’s a win-win all around!

      • and I Feel Fine

        Except aren’t most hotels local businesses? They’re franchises.

        • Juliasugarbaker

          Yes. I work for a Holiday Inn and it is locally owned, along with the Hampton, Comfort, and Quality Inns.

        • I'm Right on Top of That, Rose


      • GF_eu

        There are 41 hotels in Hot Springs according to tripadvisor, including a Holiday Inn Express, Comfort Inn, Staybridge and many other chains. She is an idiot.