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Jordan Reid Will Explain Why She Posts About Her Kids

Jordan Reid, still blogging, has decided to share her inner turmoil about “parenting on the internet”.

As usual she dives right in with a breathless this-is-hard statement, saying “It’s tricky, this whole “writing about life as a parent online” thing.” She then implies she is protecting their future internet footprint by not posting their legal names.

…I use pseudonyms for them (largely because I don’t want to create a Google landscape for them that’s based entirely on their mother’s job)…

She goes on to explain that she makes the lines clear to her five year old that some pictures are work.

If Indy wants to participate in a shoot that I’m being paid for, I pay him in turn – both through deposits into his college account and in a more tangible way for a kid his age, with a small toy or a treat, so he understands the difference between photographs taken for fun, and photographs taken because they’re a part of my – again, not his – job.

I mean, kudos to putting a couple of bucks in a college fund – which is honestly the bare minimum that should be expected from these mommy bloggers – but pretending she is not creating “a Google landscape for them that’s based entirely on their mother’s job” is pretty naive and delusional. They and their friends can easily google Jordan, their mother, who they will eventually know has a public diary, and find both published books and detailed posts about their childhood. Does she really think giving them intarwebs pseudonyms will prevent this?

Anyway, I guess Easy Content One is wising up to what’s going on because she shared this exchange.

Indy and I were looking at my Instagram stories from the previous day. “So a lot of people see this?” he asked. “Yup,” I said. “People we don’t know?”…He looked back down at the phone, and then back up at me. “Do all these people know who I am?”

This is all to apparently explain that her son then decided he no longer wants to be known as ‘Indy’ on her website, but as ‘Pan’. “Peter Pan, specifically, but Pan sounds cooler.” I’m not sure how any of this rationalizes essentially selling the stories of your children’s lives, but since mothers have been using their children for content since Jean Kerr sold a manuscript I don’t see this career choice being shut down anytime…well, ever.

  1. ernst

    "Do all these people know who I am?"

    That made me really sad, for some reason.

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    • pure caos

      Me three. That should have been her wakeup call to find something else to do with her life besides making money off of sharing images of her children with any stranger on the internet who cares to look. It's not just for sponsored posts either. She posts the kids in great detail on all of her social media platforms to power the Ramshackle money machine. They are a huge part of her brand, whether they appear in a sponsored post or in unsponsored ways. Her kid's instinct is that this doesn't seem right. Jordan assures him that it is. Can't let the blog money dry up, kid, this is totally fine, don't trust your instincts!

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  2. pure caos

    Jordan asks them if they want to help her with her photo shoots and tells them they can say no. When asked if they want to help mommy, what else does she think they will say other than Yes? Especially when she says they get an age-appropriate prize for helping. They're bribed/coerced to participate.

    This commenter on her blog nailed it.

    "Also as someone said above, I don't know you personally, am only a casual reader of the blog and I know your children's real names. It's good that you've put some thought into these issues, but you're kidding yourself if you think you aren't cashing in on your children's privacy for money. Maybe some of that money is being funneled to them, but their privacy is being sold, and a lot of people would argue that a preschooler and a kindergartener can't possibly meaningfully consent to that sale, no matter what they say to you."

    I also know her kids' names. I don't remember when she revealed them, but she did. She also tries to equate what she does with other parents who post their kids' pictures on Facebook. She got called out on that too, for trying to equate the two.

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    • yuck

      i heard them on her instagram stories.

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    • Purple21

      But also, children are not (should not be) responsible for "helping" their parents earn money. I've read some biographies of those pre-Coogan Hollywood child stars who felt a heavy responsibility to "help" the family by spending gruelling hours in the movie studio for exactly the amount of money their parents needed to improve their own lifestyle.
      Even Shirley Temple, who got off easy, felt that sense of responsibility. It is not right to put that burden on children.

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  3. Little Broom On The Prairie

    I have always liked Jordan. Not everything she's done, none of us are perfect, but I think she's someone I'd like if I met her IRL. I like her posts about beauty products, fashion, decor, other lifestyle things.

    But this blog post is ridiculous. It's self-serving and short-sighted. Just that she is clearly feeling conflicted about the issue says it all. If something feels wrong, it usually is, no matter how many ways one tries to justify it, or how many total strangers cheer it on.

    There are plenty of ways to discuss parenthood without exploiting your kids/kids' privacy. Before blogging, there were all kinds of professional writers, etc, who did it well. It didn't take away from their anecdotes, advice, or commiserating that they didn't share such personal pictures and such -- their kids' faces, their bedrooms, their activities, embarrassing-supposed-to-be-funny photos, etc.

    To try to assuage guilt for completely selling out your kids' privacy as "wanting to relate to other parents" is not genuine. Nor is, "they're ok with it". She posts constant pictures of their faces because they're cute and photogenic, so it brings more traffic. It's also an extension of her own vanity. It's for her benefit, not theirs.

    It's just not ok to use them this way. I'm pretty sure they can pay for college and toys in other ways, like other people in society do. No one knows the true consequences yet ... how it will affect them as they get older, possible stalkers, p**os on the 'net, how it will effect their own self-esteem, if they will resent her later, and on and on. And her husband has a hand in this, too, he allows it.

    If some stranger started taking pictures of her kids in public settings, and posted them daily on the internet, she'd rightly be outraged. What an invasion of privacy! But here she is, supposed to be protecting them, yet does the same thing.

    to; dr Bloggers need to respect that their kids are their own people, not props for money and attention.

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  4. pure caos

    I think Jordan is telling herself this is okay because her ego can't handle taking the kids (and therefore a big chunk of her life) off of the internet. She loves the admiration and the perks and the money too much to give it up.

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  5. JuliasTooSmallTutu

    I'm certain that in ten years we will start to see lawsuits brought against some mommybloggers by their kids who feel that their childhoods were traded away for clicks. Not necessarily Jordan's kids but it's going to happen and I am here for it.

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  6. Pancakes and Bullets

    There is an Instagrammer very local to me. She's not big leagues, but she's been mentioned here in the Garvin thread.

    Anyway, I see her and her kids out and about frequently and I'm always so uncomfortable because she does not know me and yet I know SO much about her kids. I know what their rooms look like, their full names, what sports and activities they do, where they've been lately. It is so alarming to me that she's just walking around Target with her kids training behind her and has no idea the lady she just passed in the toy aisle knows all this random crap about her life.

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