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Jordan Reid Will Overcome, Joins Snapchat

Jordan Reid, brave and feministy, has posted a new ramshackle ramble explaining why she has finally joined snapchat. She begins by explaining she’s like SO behind on technology, for reals, you don’t even know ok.

Twenty or so years later, my manager and I were sitting together at lunch and she took my phone from me and physically downloaded Instagram from the app store, because despite the fact that most of my colleagues had signed up a solid two years earlier, I would never, ever have done it otherwise.

I have never owned an iPod, and am still sort of confused about which device people’s music resides on these days (…the cloud, perhaps?). I’ve never taken the three seconds required to figure out how to reliably link my car’s Bluetooth to my phone. I still use MapQuest.

At first she implies it’s because she is such a too-cool rebel, saying “if you tell me something is “the new thing everyone is doing,” that will result in me very much not wanting to do it”, and if you make her do it she “will whine. And still not do it”. But like everything else with Jojo there is a first-world-problems story from her tween years that is the root of whatever problem she’s having.

She proceeds to blather on and on and on about some story from sixth grade – yep, roughly 25 years ago Jordan bought saddle shoes the day after the Cool Girl in sixth grade declared them so last week, and this has caused Jordy all the anxiety ever about showing up late to trends…or something. And she had to share this story in order to announce her bravery in overcoming this fear and joining snapchat.

Yeeeeah. Never has a blogger deserved more #sobrave hashtags.

  1. Fancy Eleganza

    No one cares.

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    • oh get over yourself Melanie


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  2. oh get over yourself Melanie

    Sounds like she just didn't want to miss out on anymore Taylor Swift/Kim Kardashian drama

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  3. Apeeling Attire

    More evidence that mommy bloggers will never, ever, ever be taken seriously as professionals. Even though Jordan "runs a business", she can't be bothered to learn and leverage technology that is 4 years old and is now being called the new Facebook for small business. Because tee hee she is just so behind the times and isn't it so cute? She thinks THE CLOUD is a DEVICE! Adorbs.


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  4. Covered in Dog Hair

    SHE DOESN'T WANT TO BE ON THE INTERNET, BUT HER "MANAGERS" FORCE HER. Do they also force her to post weekly photos of herself in a bikini so she can show off her #mombod #boobjob? I wonder.

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  5. Covered in Dog Hair

    She also has to always throw in bizarre tidbits about nonexistent money problems. Your mom is an attorney and you went to Wharton and Harvard, pretty sure you didn't have problems buying pricey childrens' shoes, Jordan. I can't with this one.

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  6. Little Broom On The Prairie

    Damn, that woman can ramble! My eyes starting glazing over. I made it, though. I read all of it, and it reminded me of this girl I knew in 6th grade who droned on and on, all day every day, about nothing really, it was like Seinfeld. Remember that? The show about nothing, and then that time that woman wanted Elaine's shoes and Elaine sneezed on Russell's pasta ... I think it was Pasta Primavera? ... anyway! ... and so wait. I was saying. Oh, yeah! And then Instagram, my dad said I should join up.Oh, and Russell got super sick from Elaine's germs, like I did this time in New Mexico when we moved to California.So, my dad said, Internet! and I did, because internet and all, and then, but Snapchat! Noooo. I draw the line somewhere, like when I drew the line at Glam Camp over something one time. So now I'm on Snapchat! Even though I didn't want to, my manager was all, do it, so ok, I did. I remember in 6th grade, it would have been super cool to do Snapchat, now I'm older and wondered, is it ok? I think it is, so thanks, Dad! Beach.

    Rambleshackle Glam.

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  7. Babby Forming Despite Life-Threatening Heels

    When your business is being on the internet, shouldn't you KNOW HOW TO USE THE INTERNET. ???

    Shut up, Jordan.

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  8. What in the ever-loving feck

    Why in the world does this woman need more than one manager? And shouldn't at least one of them be telling her to write a little more coherently?

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    • Covered in Dog Hair

      Excuse you! Opportunities to shill for Q-tips and Vaseline don't just fall from the sky! She needs a TEAM on this.

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  9. A field of canola

    "I'm not "just being difficult," I promise. It's simply that if you tell me something is "the new thing everyone is doing," that will result in me very much not wanting to do it. If you try to make me do it, I will whine. And still not do it."

    Um. Refusing to do a thing purely on principle and then whining about it? That's a pretty good definition of 'being difficult'.

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  10. A field of canola

    Oh and I also only have a vague notion of Snapchat being a sexting app, but if I wanted it/needed it for my business, I don't feel like I need to justify it by writing an essay and including a graphic the same size as the essay.

    Nothing wrong with "Hey, I know I'm behind the times, but I just got Snapchat! It's kinda fun, follow me!"

    But I guess a simple update wouldn't have people calling her an inspiration for liking what she likes without needing to justify it... because she downloaded an app that she doesn't like and wrote a big long essay justifying it.

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  11. CheeseyPouff


    That's funny!

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  12. Gargantuan Thicket of Madness

    Jordan is so cool, she calls email "the email."

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  13. JuliasTooSmallTutu

    How heroic of Jordan to get past her sixth grade saddle shoe induced trauma of doing popular things and allowing herself to bravely capitulate to society's preference for giant bolt on boobs!

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