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J’s Everyday Fashion Will Explain Age Ranges

J’s Everyday Fashion, totally not a style blogger, has long been notorious for her inability to behave like a normal person in comment sections. Well she’s back at it this weekend, getting into a foot stomping huff over people telling her the cooter flashers she posted on her blog might be a bit “too young” for her.

When J stated that the age appropriateness is irrelevant because she is not “30+”, readers decided to remind J of a little fact: her age. Telling J “I just found a post from July 2011 in which you turned 28, therefore you are 30 now, so you ARE 30+!” simply initiated a bunch of “I am not 30+” equivocating, as J tried to convince everyone that you aren’t really really in the 30+ age range until you’re actually in you’re mid-thirties.

She attempted to push this definition for several comments. Finally realizing her stupid attempt to fudge the meaning of an age range was falling flat, she reverted to the classic blogger discussion coup de grace – pouting off the playground.

I am coming to the realization that I absolutely should never stand up for myself in the comment section, or what I’m saying will be taken as defensive, or like I’m upset (which 99% of the time, I’m not). It makes me sad because I really want to set a good example and I would want anyone to stand up for themselves in the same way.

Yes, poor J can’t say anything without you people getting up in her grill like a bunch of “rude” judgey meanies. I honestly don’t understand why she escalated this to fever pitch when she could have just kept her butthurt to herself, but whatever. I’ve given up on J ever acting like an adult, no matter what age she is.