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J’s Everyday Will Explain Why God Approves Of Fashion Blogging

J, fashion blogger and God lover, wants to share how she has reconciled her faith with her shopping habits. She recounts an astounding moment of clarity while shopping for jeans one day, a tale that will warm your heart and prove that the Lord wants you to always have whatever you want.

As I stood in line to pay for them, I did a happy dance and prayed “God, thank you so much for this blessing. You knew how much I wanted those jeans and you provided a way for me to have them on my budget. Thank you Lord!!”…That’s when I looked down and saw the tag…The tag said “God Loves You.” It sucked the wind right out of me, and hot tears rolled down my cheeks. It mattered to Him. It really, truly mattered…

Yes, like some sort of Jeans of Turin the Father used denim to tell J it matters to God that she has the clothes she wants. This moment inspired her to realize she “could make an impact on fashion journalism” with things like “celebrating joyful aging” and “setting a responsible clothing budget”. And now J wants everyone to know that they, too, can be fashion bloggers “without any faith-based guilt” because “God loves your creative heart”. So go forth and shop, little children!