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Julie Will Tell You How To Talk To A Pregnant Person

Julie of “The Daily Julie”, pregnant, surely speaks on behalf of all pregnant women with her recent post “How to Talk to a Pregnant Lady”. Saying that “the questions you ask a preg are seemingly harmless and well meaning and most of the time, they are met with a smile by the recipient” she goes on to share a “secret” – your questions piss pregnant women off!

What questions? Offensive, prying questions such as:

1. When are you due? Maybe you’re curious, maybe you just don’t know what else to say, but this is the number one question that any pregnant lady is asked every single day. I should just get a temporary glitter tattoo across my forehead that says April 11.

2. What are you having? Um, a baby? I know you mean to ask the gender, but really I don’t know and really it’s none of your business.

3. Have you picked out names? I find this question to be really personal. Maybe I have but maybe I don’t want tell anyone. Or maybe I’ve been thinking about names for 21 weeks and still haven’t figured it out. Either way, this question puts me in an awkward position, so best not to ask and stress me out, mkay?

4. Are you hoping for a boy or a girl? It’s cliche, but most pregnant ladies really just do hope for a healthy baby. There’s SO much that can go wrong during the course of pregnancy that it’s a miracle that so many babies come out healthy and perfect.

Number five is about unsolicited child raising advice – which I can get behind if we are talking about some random waitress at Sizzler trying to tell some pregnant customer how spankings are the best discipline or something. Mainly because I’m usually at the next table yelling “hey Rita, less chit chat about time outs and more getting my Surf-n-Turf platter in front of me”. But Pregnant Julie declares “I don’t care if you’re Micholee Duggar and have been around the block 19 times. If I would like your opinion on babies, boobies or birthing, I’ll ask” which is a bit dismissive and know-it-all for a first time mom. I guess checking the “What To Expect” website every day makes her more of an expert than a woman who turned her vagina into a baby clown car.

I could have agreed with her if she had made the post about how random strangers come up and start rubbing your belly or touching your baby. Invading someone’s personal space and touching their body without being invited is so crazy rude I think we could all support someone complaining about that. But some saleslady asking a routine question is not exactly an assault on personal privacy.

Seriously, I’m sorry the checkout girl at Starbucks smiled and asked you about a very visible physical state that some women are delighted to talk about with anyone, anywhere, at every opportunity. How trying for the pregnant women of the world to deal with other people wanting to share your happiness! Julie is such a hero for standing up and saying “stop asking me about an event that many women would kill to experience” and preserving Private Pregnancy Rights for future generations. So fecund, so brave.