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‘Just Brandi’ Is Pregnant

‘Just’ Brandi, the former Mama Laughlin, has announced she is gestating a human with her post-divorce boyfriend.

She announced the news when people started asking how that scheduled tummy tuck went.

She then detailed the blessed news on her blog.

I called my boyfriend of 2 1/2 years and asked him if he was sitting down.
When I told him the news I started bawling.
It took us many long conversations about our feelings to realize that this was such a blessing.

It’s always a good sign if you have to basically talk yourselves into the idea that you’re happy about a pregnancy. She then justifies to the world why this is a fantastic idea.

We are both in such great places in our lives to have a baby. This is his first (and only, because NO MORE!), we both own our own businesses and have flexible hours.
We are both financially stable.
The boys are in school now so I will be home with 1 child during the day, which will be totally manageable… I think.
It really couldn’t be a better time.

She goes on to say her doctor assured her she’d “be okay being pregnant at 33”, as if the average age of motherhood hasn’t risen in the last 50 years. she concludes by announcing they’ve now bought a new home and are planning on getting married – “something I wanted to press the fast forward button on” now that she’s pregnant.

  1. Be Kind Rewind

    Who else will be pregnant? I seriously can’t take it anymore. Taza, K8 and now Just Brandi. Make it stop.


    Don’t forget to add Freckled Fix to that list!

  3. hugh_heifer

    I predict Julie from peanut butter fingers will be next.

  4. The Ritz of Graham Crackers

    Is she f**king serious with “admittedly being concerned” about being 33 and pregnant? Lmao. In my area, that would still be on the young end to have your FIRST kid. Ridiculous.

    • cold brew stitchfixing

      I don’t follow this broad (just wrote boring….) but is she really only 33?! She looks as old as a 45 year old in that photo!

    • irisheyes

      33 isn’t even considered “advanced maternal age”. My doctor didn’t blink twice when I got pregnant with my third at 33. She barely blinked when I had my fourth at 37. Methinks someone wants attention.

  5. red-headed stepchild

    When I was pregnant with my last child at 33 (born a month after my 34th birthday) the doctors kept talking about my advanced maternal age. Made me feel like I was some 93 year old grandmother having a baby! I mean seriously, they went on and on and ON about it.

    • ernst

      Really? I’m 34 and pregnant. At my first prenatal appointment, which was about a week after I turned 34, my doctor looked at my chart and said “you’re young, so there’s nothing to worry about there.” I wonder if the thinking varies from doctor to doctor.

    • lurkatic

      Advanced maternal age is over 35… Like that’s literally the accepted definition. Your doctors sound dumb.

    • sponsoredcontent

      Come to NYC! One of the very few not terrible things about seeing a reproductive endocrinologist at 34 was how many times people told me how young I was. And, yeah, I think 35 is considered “advanced maternal age” for purposes of extra screens and tests, but you won’t see a doctor bat an eyelash over an under-42-ish mom.

      • Not applying for the Sewing Bee

        in the UK, over 35 is seen as “geriatric” but only for a first time mum i believe.

  6. HotMessExpress

    Ohhhh please let fatgrilfedup AND Gracie be next…..please!!!!!!

  7. Businessman Cosplay

    Wait. She’s only 33????!?!?! I haven’t read her thread in awhile, but I legit thought she was in her early 40s.

  8. stealth health approach

    Tbh I know nothing about this logger but I clicked in the announcement link: “#2, marriage. Again, this is something we’ve talked about for a very long time. We knew we were going to spend our lives together, but with a baby on the way, I knew this is something I wanted to press the fast forward button on.
    We discussed our priorities and were in agreeance that house ruled out over marriage right now.
    We decided that we will get married next summer.”
    Is she very religious?
    Am I a heathen ham?
    Why does a baby on the way necessarily imply a shotgun wedding?

    • Skinny Dorito Taco Bake

      I think a lot of her fans are Bible Belt stay-at-home mom types, so naturally their first question upon hearing a single woman is pregnant would be, “So when y’all gettin’ married?”

  9. I put the Eh in Meh

    Thirty-three?! If this is healthy, I don’t want it. This is why I just sit at home and eat Cheeze-its. It might take years off your life, but it also takes them off your face, apparently!

  10. Dash Fatty Parcell

    Taralynn knocked up would be the best thing ever.

    Is Brandi really 33? I thought she was closer to 43.

    • highfive

      I’d be honestly terrified for the safety and future of Taralynn’s baby. She acts like a 12 year old. Not equipped for motherhood!

  11. Dash Fatty Parcell

    Also, 36 and preggo over here. So geriatric, my belly makes it hard to use my walker.



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