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Kate Tietje Wants You To Stop Blaming Anti-Vaxxers For Diseases

Kate Tietje, mother, is tired of everyone blaming parents who refuse to vaccinate for the return of previously eradicated diseases. In a screed titled “Enough is Enough with Blaming “Anti-Vaxxers””, Kate pulls out the usual argument that not that many people die from these diseases, so what does it matter?

The measles is just not a serious illness for most people.  We also know far, far more about it now than we did 60 years ago, and medical science has advanced quite a lot as well.  We know how to prevent the most serious complications now in most cases.  If we stopped vaccinating, more kids would get measles, and the vast majority with no issues.  We would not see rampant blindness (since vitamin A supplementation is easy to get and inexpensive).

Kate goes on to explain the world “would not see rampant death or encephalitis” and says “If the death rate was really 1 in 5000…and everyone got measles — we could assume about 4 million cases per year — that would be 800 deaths annually.” After telling readers to speak up because anti-vaxxers have a right to be heard, she then puts out a call for people to “report hate pages” that comment on the things anti-vaxxers say, calling it “hate speech” and “bullying”.

She concluded with an Edited to Add, responding to people who called her out for blithely dismissing the 800 possible people who might die.

Plenty of people are upset that I noted that we could see up to 800 measles deaths annually if no one vaccinated.  First, that will never happen — because unlike some people, I believe everyone should have a *choice* in their medical care, and many will choose to vaccinate.

Meaning, I assume, that it’s ok for people to stop vaccinating because they can just rely on the herd immunity of those who DO. Seriously, this sounds like something The Onion would write. Oh wait, they did.