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Katie Vyktoriah Quietly Rejoins The Internet

NOW it's legal

Katie Vyktoriah, of pink headband fame, has reactivated A Mother Thing. There is no new content as of yet, so who knows what her plan is. Her twitter and facebook appear to be online as well.

Katie vanished from the internet two months ago after her claim of a homophobic redneck assaulting her toddler at a Wal-Mart began to unravel under scrutiny. Speculation about her whereabouts and what, if any, evidence was ever found to back up her claims has kept many internet corners busy since her disappearance. The only development we’ve found so far is an apparent wedding ceremony in Las Vegas to that “husband” she wasn’t technically married to.

I’m eager to see how she intends to re-enter the internetosphere. Will she milk what happened, or just ignore it and move on? Maybe Hugo can send her some tips on how to unquit the internet.