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Katie Vyktoriah Won’t Let You Forget She Went Viral That One Time

Katie Vyktoriah, of Wal-Mart Pink Headband fame, continues to try and cash in on the viral celebrity she claims she never wanted. After her story was all but debunked she took off on a cross country road trip culminating in a Vegas wedding before finally tippy toeing back online with a redesigned site. Now, six months after the event, she has apparently noticed that everyone has forgotten about her and the story she tried so hard to use as a springboard to fame. Well Katie has a solution – she put up yet another post discussing the issue, complete with fresh spin:

We had a minor incident that turned into a worldwide talking point. Our whole family was dragged into the limelight, and it seemed that the whole planet knew your name…Suddenly there was a great focus on me and some of the things I’d written in the past. Some of the stories from other blogs or websites were being dragged out and used to discredit me…the attention seemed to take forever to go away.

The post, titled “A Letter to My Accidentally Famous Son”, has Katie claiming she “genuinely never imagined that we would have become somewhat famous due to a blog post” despite the fact that she herself posted it all over the internet, welcomed the publicity, and past comments by her husband showed a desire for a viral post.

She concludes by telling her son that “if we ever get accidentally famous again – I will be sure to look the whole world in the eyes, refusing to be bullied” before telling him she “will protect you at any cost”.

For someone who supposedly regrets the “accidental” fame this story brought her (she stated at one point “I just want it to go away”) she sure does like to dredge it up over and over. One would think she would never mention it again if she truly regretted the outcome, but one would be wrong – attention wh**es can’t let go of their 15 minutes, even when it’s oldnews:thirty o’clock.