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Kelle Hampton Will Rewrite Her Birth Story

Kelle Hampton, enjoying the monetizing things, is well known for using her children’s lives for attention. Well now it seems Land of Nod, purveyor of children’s furniture and decor, is also using her kids to sell  you things.

The company has featured Kelle’s photo of her daughter and newborn son on their May catalog cover, saying that her children will appear on several upcoming catalog covers as well. For May’s cover, they are using a photo Kelle claims was snapped at the moment her daughter first met her new brother:

From my hospital bed I watched as my daughter protectively embraced my new son, slowly and silently bringing her nose to his until they touched.  And they stayed like that for a good minute while I wiped tears from my cheeks and reached for my camera.  Here she just met him and yet suddenly, he belonged to her.

That’s all very touching – except for the fact that, in the birth story published on Kelle’s own blog in February, the real story seems to be quite different:

I didn’t cry when the girls met their brother but rather smiled and sat calmly on the bed, watching them, marveling at the fact that it seemed so meant to be–like he’d always been here and they’d always loved him.

So which is it? Is this just another case of Kelle rewriting history in order to make a better story? Because if she’s going to do that it might behoove her to go edit the original story before trying to peddle a new version to Crate & Barrel.