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Kelli Stapleton Needs You To Buy Her An Expert


After 9 months in jail Kelli Stapleton, the blogger who attempted to kill her daughter and herself, is said to be going to trial July 16th. In anticipation of this the “Friends of Kelli” are trying to raise money yet again – this time to finance the testimony of an expert witness on Kelli’s behalf:

Right now we are seeking funds to hire an expert witness we believe will give important insight to the judge and jury at her trial. Currently, Kelli has no assets to speak of and we are growing extremely concerned about her future without this expert witness. The charges against Kelli hold a maximum sentence of life in prison with the possibility of parole.

Kelli’s camp previously raised almost $17,000 dollars back in September, but Kelli’s supporters say they now need more – they “currently need to raise funds in EXCESS of $20,000 for an expert witness crucial to Kelli’s defense”.

I know it’s normal to compensate experts who provide testimony, but is $20k the norm for such a thing? Anyway, if this is something you want to support you can donate via paypal or by mailing a written check – and they assure you that all the money will “go to Kelli’s personal account”.