Instagram WTF

Kelly Wants You To Watch Her Daughter Do This

Today in “why did you post that?” news, Kelly Stamps, likes Jesus and Sonic, posted a bizarre Instagram story of her small daughter pawing herself in the car.


Ok it’s redacted all to howdy, but you get the idea. I guess I just don’t understand why this activity needs to be posted to a public instagram account.

  1. Countess Says NOPE

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat the fffff......................nevermind. *sobs inside for humanity*

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  2. runningforfun

    Kelly Stamps has crossed the line. Her girls are victims of her constant need for online attention.
    Someone that knows her personally needs to let her know how inappropriate this video is. She is either really naive ( stupid ) or just plain whacked!!

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  3. TwitchyPoo

    That poor kid.

    Jesus come quickly. Your girl has lost her mind!

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  4. Near Naked Nether Region

    Did she take it down or maybe I can't see it because I don't follow her? One more question, how many basic b***hes are there on the internet?

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    • TwitchyPoo

      It's an Instagram Story /video. I think they only stay up for 24 hours?
      Thank God it will disappear on it's own because the child'd mother is too stupid to remove it.

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    • Amanda

      As of right now, it's still there. You have to have the latest instagram app that features "instagram stories. There will be a pink circle that loops around the profile pic, you click on it to view the stories. However, I would not suggest doing so in this case...... What a freakin' idiot.

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  5. You People

    WHY THE f**k?!?!?!?

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  6. justwhelmed

    All I can do is shake my head. Is she serious?

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  7. Snarknado

    This makes me really sad for Hollis. She's just a little girl scratching herself, and now Kelly's freaks followers will see it. And you know some psycho out there will enjoy it.

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    • fungez

      It reminds me that idiot who posted a picture of her 5 year old with her mouth open on an... ice cream cone? microphone? whatever. Anyway, she was righteously indignant that anyone would warn her that that is a pervert's wet dream, and insulted them by saying "if you think this is a sexual picture then YOU have the problem."

      Strangers had more consideration and concern for a little girl than her own mother.

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  8. Billsburg

    She posted it because you can't fix stupid.

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  9. Lisa

    I hope the grandparents can do an intervention and take her phone away. Obviously her husband won't. Poor daughter.

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  10. 12 lb Meat Salad

    Her IG is private. 🙁

    Was she driving while filming this?

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    • Snarknado

      No, they were stuck in traffic...which still isn't great.

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    • i love chili dogs

      Jesus, take the wheel!

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  11. Apologetically Feministy


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  12. oh you

    Looks like Kelly got sick of the attention that super fat IG baby gets when she's naked online, and decided to ramp up for the pervs.

    Parents are usually protectors, not online pimps, but...2016. Weird f**king year.

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  13. Liz

    Maybe Kelly's mom will let her know that taking videos and pictures of the kids is ok, but oversharing on social media with thousands s of people is not.

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    • Will Holden Is My Favorite

      Both of Kelly's parents and her husband read and comment on her account. There have been some other things that are not flattering to the kids.......though not nearly as bad as this.......and they play along with her. As long as the money keeps rolling in, I'm sad to say I think all the adults in the family turn a blind eye to those kids being exploited.

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