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KERF Found A Fiance On The Beach

Less than two months after moving in together Kath Younger has transformed her boyfriend into a fiance.

KERF and Surf announced the event on instagram this morning.


I have never seen two shades of orange so perfectly matched. Congrats to the tangerine dream and I look forward to scrolling through what’s sure to be a very boring wedding Pinterest board.

  1. Unflattering Schnozz in Wineglass

    She hardly spent any time sowing her #overnightoats.

    • Saint Dorothy Mantooth

      Ahahaha please marry me

    • LaverneandHurling

      This is outstanding!

      So, to sum up: she ditched her husband because she feels she didn’t get to f**k enough guys/not enough guys had the opportunity to f**k her, she immediately met someone, and now they’re getting married.

      Yep, sounds like most people I know you marry young and decide to separate to “find themselves” and be single.

  2. Sending love and good humps you're way

    so much smug

  3. ReadOnly

    Poor sucker Thomas….

  4. Betty Cruikshank

    Least surprising engagement announcement ever.

  5. RESPECT the Gun Squirrel Brain with Autographed Boner

    How soon will Gref come out? (Baby girl)

  6. Radicchio

    Count down to jealous women spewing hate in 3…. 2…. 1….

    • sponsoredcontent

      I remember you!

    • Sun's out, dumb's out

      Countdown to comment from person who can’t comprehend the difference in calling bullshit on fake #celebrities who make money off being #omgSOREAL vs real true hate. Plus, endive is much better #burn #TotesHater

    • samstherealhero

      Literally crying at the idea of anyone being jealous of Kath. lolol gross

  7. blue

    Wait KERF got divorced?


  8. kb baby #5

    what a shame, she could have been engaged on the 26th!

    • Pineapple Head

      I’m sure that’s the first strike against him.

      • Lady in Reading

        … as if she’d actually let him pick how and when to propose!!! LOL for days!!!

        She wanted to be engaged quickly. Get divorce isn’t even final yet. She didn’t get the 26th, but she did get a staged proposal on a beach only a little over a year after separating. This guy is door mat #2.


          No way could she control the engagement date if she couldn’t control her way into a bigger rock! I bet he saved up for it by moving into his free housing insta family.

  9. Big Mouth Kerfy Bass

    I pulled head.

  10. Spare me the details

    How long has she been separated? In VA it’s a year (if you have a kid) before you can even file. Been there done that. Waiting a year sucked.

    • Daisy

      She and Matt separated March 2016 and divorced March 2017.

      • Loyal reader

        Filed for divorce. Divorce not final yet.

        Yes, she’s engaged to a second victim while still legally married to the first.

    • Shelley

      There’s a link above to the post about the separation announcement (“Matt and I are Separating”) which was posted on 3/18/2016.

  11. VirginiaApple

    They’ve been together for what, a year? I mean it’s better than 86 days I guess…

    How much do you want to bet that she picked out the ring and planned her “surprise” engagement.

  12. False Aquisations

    Her life is such a predictable snooze-fest.

  13. Strawberry Seasonality Smugness

    That kiss looks super sincere and spontaneous.

    • Mistress Of All Evil

      what is going on with her lips in that kiss?!?!