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KERF Has A BERFday Wish List

Kath Younger, it feels like she’s been pregnant since 1997, has published her “Birth Wish List” – that essential document written by the modern pregnant woman in the hopes that they will be one of the 2% whose birth goes totally, precisely, exactly how they want.

KERF’s list includes the usual blogger demand to keep her placenta, and essentials such as “I’d like some jokes made to lighten the mood and help me relax”. Because labor should simulate a night at the Improv, I guess.  She also doesn’t want to even “be offered pain medication or an epidural”, wants to wear her “own clothes”, and she’d “like to get in the tub!”

It’s all about as exciting as you would expect from the manila envelope of healthy living blogging. I can’t wait to hear a birth story full of water not breaking, labor not progressing, demands for drugs, and not giving three effs about the placenta by the time they finally get those shoulders unwedged from her pelvis. Sadly this is KERF and her birth will most likely be as boring as her pregnancy and…well, her.