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KERF Has Another Announcement

It was barely this side of a year ago that Kath Younger, still blogging, posted that she and her then husband, Matt “Driving While Awesome” Monson, separated.

Now two months after revealing she has a new boyfriend, KERF today informs the world that her man and his dog have moved into her home.

Thomas and Gus have moved in with us! After a long time of going back and forth, we decided to consolidate our lives here, and we are so happy <3 He is renting his house (which he owns and renovated), so that’s been a great financial bonus for him too.

She then goes on about making her new family pancakes with a side of mango slices. Unfortunately there were no matching pajama dry humping photos, but maybe nobody felt very playful after eating fruit and charcoal.

  1. onionbreath

    Kath’s boyfriend moved in months and months ago. Sorry if you haven’t moved on Carbz, Mommy Dearest is ready to upgrade!

  2. Bangcock curry buff bowl

    Jesus Christ. I am still shocked she found another man who can stand being around her. I guess money talks.

  3. C

    What is that fruit and charcoal meant to be. Is that burnt pizza or…?

  4. Sun's out, dumb's out

    God, this chick sucks. When I hear people talk about basic b****es and white privilege, her fug mug always comes to mind. Second the sentiment that how in the f**k did she find a dude who could stand her longer than 23 seconds, IDGAF how much money she has, if her name isn’t Steve Bezos or Bill gates, then she ain’t got enough $$$ to put up with her sh!t.

  5. Snarkastic

    Half a poop pancake served on a dishrag. I hope he didn’t move in for the cooking.

    • cartoon ostrich on LSD

      If I wasn’t so attached to my also-KERF-related name (some ham’s description of Buzz), I would snap up “Half a poop pancake served on a dishrag”.

  6. golden grillz

    I hope I never live the kind of life where I SHARE a single pancake for breakfast and then brag about it. If that’s healthy eating I’ll just stick to this half stale box of store brand Lucky Charms, thanks.

  7. Half bun man bun

    At least he hasn’t shot her yet!

  8. fruit and charcoal

    Fruit and charcoal. 100%.

  9. raisesun

    I thought one of the reasons for the divorce was that they never had a chance to casually date a variety of people….

    • LaverneandHurling

      I came here to ask the same thing. Pretty much every person I know who got divorced for those reasons (or says, “I really want to be on my own for awhile”) immediately jumps into a new relationship so as soon as she said she met someone so exceptional right away I figured she’d be remarried in under a year.

  10. lokicat

    Is is my imagination or is he attractive?

    • ReadOnly

      Not really. He looks just like anthony Weiner.
      And let’s face it, any guy who buys into kerf must have something wrong with him. I dont know him, but maybe he is not the sharpest and was easily fooled by kerf. For now.

      • Chapped Asslips

        Excuse you, he looks exactly like Matthew McConaughey and gets mistaken for him all the time.

  11. ReadOnly

    He is not.

  12. Trashbreakfast

    Who would want to eat that pancake? Why would anyone want to look at that pancake? Gross.

  13. oh, you

    Kath is speeding through two men, but I only have one.