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KERF: “Matt And I Are Separating”

Kath Eats Real Food, recent guest of the White House, has confirmed months of speculation.

Matt and I are separating.

Some of you are probably shocked and others have suspected, as he hasn’t been as front and center on the blog as he once was. This wasn’t an overnight decision, but something that has been building, or rather unraveling, for over a year.

Her announcement post goes on to say the separation is “bittersweet and totally mutual”, and that they have simply “started traveling down separate paths”.

  1. sandwich


  2. Saint Dorothy Mantooth


    • Big Mouth Kerfy Bass

      Who noped this? Shitscuffins is awesome! Shitscuffins shitscuffins shitscuffins.

  3. healthiness journey


  4. Princess Buttercup


    Well, that sucks for them. I hope it means a better environment for the little one anyway.

    • sonotamused

      Thats it. There is a lot to be annoyed of with her, but this sort of thing always sucks for everyone involved, and I will give her some credit: at least the first part of the post was almost handled with grace for her.

      But damn, GOMI called EVERYTHING.

    • Wait. ..what?

      I don’t follow her at all. But I always feel bad when stuff like this happens.

      • bread blow job

        I have less sympathy for a couple with five decks on their house. She’ll weather this better than a waitress or teacher would.

        • precookedlentils

          I do NOT want to WK for Kath. Ever. Ever ever ever. BUT, weathering a split from a significant other doesn’t always have to do with money and having a huge house. I’m sure it will help, but mentally, it’s going to be hard no matter who you are, especially if you don’t have family around. I am NOT saying this is the case with these two, of course, but it is something to take into consideration.

  5. carefully curated makeup

    And the bakery is for sale. How long until Kerf moves back in with Cliff and Babs?

    • KAS

      Never! She paid cash for her big Barbie dreamhouse and she’s going to live there forever, her and Mazen.

      • hiccup

        I say never, too. She’s having her mid-life crisis in her mid-30’s. She will want to do as she pleases, entertain as she pleases and doesn’t want any pesky parents hanging around and having to answer to them or justify her actions. No, I see our Kathy spreading her wings and doing the living she should have done in her 20’s. I do think the single parenthood will irk her before long.

        • Delusions of Adequacy

          So you think she will sign up for That Wife’s School of Me?

          • Headpat Junquie

            I wish we could put them all, including Gluten free Grrrl and Cecily K , in one secured location and see who emerges.

            • Jan74 smells like hashtags

              Cecily would win. She is from the mean streets of South Philly, yo!

        • KAS

          Don’t have a mid-life crisis this early, KERF! It just dooms you to dying in your mid-60s.

    • dogsandmovies

      Maybe Cliff and Babs will move in with them once she starts feeling OMG PRESSURE of being a “single” mom.

      • PeePie

        I’m noping this only because they just bought a new house. They haven’t even moved in yet

        • KAS

          I dunno, they bought the house forever ago; plans could change now that their only grandson’s Mom is separated/divorced.

        • sweet potato-induced psychosis

          So sorry, so bored of KERF for the past year. They bought ANOTHER new house after the one they moved into a year ago?

  6. ~A

    Ok I can’t snark at this.I am actually sorry.

  7. Jill

    Goddammit, now I’m going to feel guilty about snarking on her.

  8. Victorian Sex Orgy

    I wish them the best. That post must have been hard.

  9. Saint Dorothy Mantooth


    • Saint Dorothy Mantooth

      Please delete my comment, PP — it was reflexive snarking but it was uncalled for right now.

      • PeePie

        Is it bad that I really want to know what you said?? 😀

    • stay in bed cat mom

      lol at redactamundo

  10. Snarkette

    How long ago was this first predicted in the forum? Anyone know?

    • Those Weren't Puffins

      Years and years. I stopped reading about her for at least three years ago, and it was a tired speculation even then. No surprise to any GOMIer who follows her, I suspect.

      • D

        Yeah, I think a lot of things in the forum are just luck or obvious. For example, speculation that PP or ivory lane is pregnant. Groundbreaking. They are married, conservative (religiously speaking) mormons. “Predicting” a pregnancy is like predicting the next day will end in “Y.” It’s bound to happen, so the constant predictions and near feverish celebrations when they are “right” is a little silly. KERF is insufferable, like many of the bloggers covered. Is it really a stretch to foresee divorce for a lot of them. Not really. Or unhappy marriages for those that don’t “believe” in divorce. It’s like calling a spade a spade. I mean, duh. I do feel bad for their son. And them to an extent. Divorce is hard no matter how insufferable you are. And I am predicting a divorce whether now or later, even if they are just calling it a seperation. Hey, do I get a cookie if they divorce 5 years from now because I called it?!?!

  11. dweller

    She still sounds like a robot, amd matth is now free. He will be f**king another girl in two seconds…
    I only feel bad for poor mayzen. Kath will probably get tts to fix her up and go merrily on. She will remain clueless and learn nothing from this….

    • Vagine

      The casseroles being pinned today…

    • Welfare Whamo, Very Poor, Do Not Touch

      Her post was actually well-written. You sound like a bitter asshole.

  12. smuggers

    I do actually feel really bad for both of them. This must have been a huge deal for her to put out on the internet. Then again, she has shared every bowl of oatmeal for the last 8 years……

    • hiccup

      Let’s not forget this gal let us all know the colour of her cervical mucus while trying to conceive. This announcement may have not been the big deal we think.

  13. person22

    I don’t like her or her husband, so why do I feel so bad for them right now? Especially sorry for the poor little boy; I hope both his parents bring their A game when they’re watching him and that he’s not left in the dust.

    • The Patriarchys Money

      Bc divorce is hard AF. It’s not like snarking on an outfit, a fake death, or somebody’s stupid opinion on an issue. These are people’s lives and some things just hurt, no matter how sucky a person is. And feeling good about that kind of pain makes one a total soulless ASSHOLE.

      • Sucks to your Assmar

        I don’t think it is just divorce that is why someone feels bad, it’s divorce when children are involved. It makes divorce feel that much harder. And for those of us who had parents who handled divorce and kids REALLY REALLY poorly I know I personally cringe and just hope they will do what is right for their kid.