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KERF Thanks You For Your Concern


KERF, the human equivalent of cream on white chevron, posted yesterday about her awesome family vacation. Unfortunately one pic has caused some raised eyebrows; apparently her 2 year old son is off in the pool by himself while mom and family sit poolside, presumably eating some kind of kale chip and organic sadness nachos.

When a commenter questioned the wisdom of letting a toddler wade around in shoulder deep water alone, she was told ever-so-nicely that eyeballs are as good as arms.

Thank you for the concern, but all three of us were sitting right there watching him. I could have been to him in a split second. I’m also a former lifeguard, so I know what to watch for : )

Come on you concern trolls. Everyone knows it takes like, hours to drown properly. It’s not like a child has ever drowned with someone 3 feet away when they took their attention elsewhere for 2 minutes. You people need to chill out!