Instagram WTF

Lauren Bullen Fan Can SWF At A Terrifyingly Expert Level

Lauren Bullen has a popular travel instagram. It is so popular that one of her fans decided to copy her. No…I mean REALLY copy her. Like recreate her entire instagram kind of copy her.


Lauren put up a post showing a dozen or so other examples of “diana_alexa” and her wackydoodle copycat gram.

…the amount of time and pre-organising she put into arranging the outfits, I don’t promote and tag everything I wear, so that would have taken a lot of time and work, even down to the anklets and necklace. Not to mention the cost of all this- those outfits and accommodations don’t come at a cheap price…

Lauren decided the “fan” had gone “next level” and decided to confront her.

…when I messaged her about discovering her page and how crazy and ridiculous I thought it was she tried to justify it by just saying everyone copies us and even big accounts are taking same pictures at the same place & told me I should make my pictures private if I don’t want this to happen…

And we thought those girls trying to copy Taza were weird!

  1. Porny LaRue

    What the hell? Isn’t that what these bloggers/gramers want? For everyone to want to live just like them, have what they have, BE THEM? If you make you entire living trying to get people to envy you, your possessions, and your life, don’t be surprised when some of them realize they can have it too! I’d think this would be the pinnacle of a lifestyle show-off’s career!

    • BlissfulIgnorance

      No, they want their followers to WANT what they have, not GET it

    • so materialistic and unnecessary

      I agree with you – they make money off affiliate links because their followers will pay to be like them, and they know this.

      I suggest the noppers look up the Cup of Jo for a study in how much friggin money bloggers make by their fans buying every exact thing they feature.

      IN 2016 bloggers should be aware that the flip-side of making your private life public is being stalked. Bloggers mostly seem happy to take this risk for money – and let’s face it, you cant shut down a copy cat because it isn’t breaking any law. But if you can’t handle the heat then shut your account down or make it private to lock out the stalkers.

      • so materialistic and unnecessary

        and now I’m reading down this thread and it may be a hoax- yeah, that would be right, a blogger trying to get head pats for faux stalking, because being stalked is so opportunistic !

        Bloggers suck

    • Porny LaRue

      I was being pretty much tongue in cheek here, thinking that it is obvious that it’s next level crazy… but apparently it was lost in translation…

  2. Sucks to your Assmar

    I saw this earlier on facebook today and couldn’t believe it. That shit is creepy and weird as f**k. This is way different then a someone deciding they too can have what a blogger has.

    I was creeped out by the girl who is copy the freckled fox (instagram is the freckled foxx) but this is worse.

  3. Headpat Junquie

    So does she travel because she loves it or just for the Instagram hits, head pats and handouts? I

    • diskus it

      Wouldn’t it be weird if their middle names were Diana and Alexa?

  4. Satans Fluffer

    I heard this was a publicity stunt.

    • sonotamused

      How would it work as a publicity stunt? I mean….either you know its a dup of her account because you are already following her or you don’t care?

      …I am honestly not sure how I feel about it. On one hand, she has a bona fide stalker. I mean, thats just creepy. On the other…she keeps calling her highly staged and over-processed photos as ‘art,” which is just kind of killing me.

      • not a swf

        If you read the comments on the Daily Mail (which is usually a bad idea, I’ll admit) some are saying these women know one another and travel together, along with their boyfriends, that they even take photos of one another in these locations. sounds crazy but who knows with bloggers?

      • Much Art

        It has already worked as a publicity stunt, hasn’t it? Other than her followers, who of us would have known of her had this story not hit Gomi front page, Daily Mail,, Elle Online, etc., etc…I’d say it’s working! Sheesh, bloggers…

    • Victorian Sex Orgy

      I’m not sure. I’ve looked at the photos and there are tiny differences that make me think they were at least not taken the same day. Surely they would take them at the same time if it was a hoax. So inconvienent otherwise.


  5. Whatever Whatever

    Check out her twin sister Ellie Bullen IG account and there’s a picture of them 16 weeks ago at Navagio, Zakinthos. @elas_wholesomelife I think these girls created a fake account and created a fake drama all to get clicks.

  6. Whatever Whatever

    I think the creepiest part is that they created a faux diana_alexa to crest a fake IG account to copy her a la Jennifer Jason Leigh in Single Whit Female except its all fake and there is no SWF. Her sister Ellie Bullen dressed up as Diana Alexa Lauren Bullen is actually the creepy one who created a fake stalker and a fake story for clicks. Ouch. Times must be desperate for IG stars and being pretty and skinny isn’t going to cut it in this cut throats world of clicks for cash.

  7. Jedi-Knight of Racism, Faux-Infertility, and Crack Houses

    Definitely a publicity stunt. Notice the “fan” never really shows her face. Here’s a photo Lauren’s boyfriend posted of them and another couple, then a photo of that girl’s profile from the instagram account tagged in that photo, and then a photo from the “fan.” Absolutely looks like the same girl to me…

    • Whatever Whatever

      I think you found the mysterious Diana_Alexa.
      Take a look at @TaylorCutFilms on twitter and @AlyssaLynch on twitter & IG. They totally look like the same couple that are faux SWF stalkers. I really think they created this whole faux drama.

    • kittyhow

      I’m not convinced the two brunettes are the same girl. The one sitting across from LB looks to be around the same height. The one in the doorway is obviously a lot taller than LB (as compared to the shot of LB in the same doorway).

  8. Jedi-Knight of Racism, Faux-Infertility, and Crack Houses

    In this one, funny how the lounge area and the hats in the “fan’s” photo look exactly like Lauren’s in her unicorn float photo. Hmmm…

  9. Jedi-Knight of Racism, Faux-Infertility, and Crack Houses

    I realized you can’t see the important part.

  10. Jedi-Knight of Racism, Faux-Infertility, and Crack Houses

  11. Jedi-Knight of Racism, Faux-Infertility, and Crack Houses

    Notice the lounge area and the hats, looks to me like the “fan” and Lauren were there at the same time hanging out together.

  12. snarkyparty

    “But stealing someone’s art- that’s never okay”