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Lisa DiCicco Feels “Super Grateful” After The NYC Terrorist Attack

Lisa DiCicco, wannabe New York lifestyle blogger, has shared her feelings about yesterday’s terrorist attack in NYC that killed 8 people.

Yes, yet another lifestyle thirsty has decided it’s a fine idea to use a fatality filled tragedy to pick up some sweet affiliate link money. Considering she actually lives in New York City the tone deafness of this post is beyond astounding. But hey, she hopes everyone is safe, *prayer hands*!

  1. Dear in Headlights

    “Feeling super grateful and hoping everyone is safe”? No you asswipe, at least 8 people died. They aren’t safe. Neither are the people who were injured. But keep on with your superficial skincare and makeup bullshit. WTF is wrong with these people?

  2. crispenclean

    Excuse you. This lifestyle blogger is out there fighting the good fight. If we can’t order skincare and makeup products through her sponsored links, it means the terrorists have won.

    Terrorist attacks are sad and all, but it’s time to move on to the important stuff.
    You know, the stuff you can buy.

  3. Purple21

    Sold! Where can I order some lipstick in the “Feeling Grateful” shade, and some “Hope everyone is safe” colour of eyeshadow??

  4. Grey Duck

    If she’s really “super grateful” *eye roll*, then she should be donating any revenue generated from this post/blog traffic/sponsorships to a fund to benefit the victims of the terror attack (or not exploit this tragedy at all). And fashion blogger? It seems that she’d be better suited as a blogger of the adult entertainment industry… I say that only because of her facial expression/the fantastic sam’s sorority dye job/the poor judgement/complete lack of decorum… But then again I’ve only ever seen this one photo/post.

    Forgive me if I’m being unfair; I promise that it wasn’t my intent to judge those corn industry girls so harshly.

    • Grey Duck

      *corn industry

      • Grey Duck

        Bahaha! I typed the word correctly repeatedly and still…
        You win, Wednesday. 😛

  5. GodSpeed and a Muscle Relaxer

    Maybe she should get a job at a mortuary putting makeup on bodies.