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Living Absolutely Is Still Raging Against The Patriarchy

Jenna Cole, working mom who can make time for her kids and herself, is once again raging against the system that makes her life of job-free day drinking and instagramming possible.

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Over on Facebook the “working mom” or “sahp” (depending on which struggle she’s attempting to co-opt that day) is being provided many chairs for sitting all the way down by women who are about sick of Jenna’s crap.

I’m not sure instagramming while buzzed counts as stay at home momming. Maybe I’m just doing it wrong?

It doesn’t seem like you enjoy most parts of SAHM life so you outsource, but you also don’t want to work outside of the home to contribute financially. It’s like you blame patriarchy for you becoming a mother and you are constantly rebelling against every part of it.

I guess you just want your wine and no one around to make demands on your time.

The problem here is not how Jenna spends her time or that she outsources childcare. No one cares about that. It’s that she tries to co-opt other people’s experiences (first working moms back when she was doing her coding boot camp and now traditional stay at home moms who take care of their own kids and don’t have nannies) as her own when they’re not. It’s offensive.

Finally Jenna jumped in to wave her hand dismissively at the pushback.

Once a narrative is established, I’ve found its best to let people do their thing and believe what they want to believe…I try to stay focused on analyzing my own experience and sharing my interpretations on issues that are important to me. I’ve found I’m happier and more productive when I focus on engaging and developing relationships with others who try to do the same.

I couldn’t read much after the You’re Just Jealous defense started up but if you can get past that tired fangirl trope you might enjoy reading the entire slow, gentle roast for yourself.