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Living Absolutely Is Still Raging Against The Patriarchy

Jenna Cole, working mom who can make time for her kids and herself, is once again raging against the system that makes her life of job-free day drinking and instagramming possible.

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Over on Facebook the “working mom” or “sahp” (depending on which struggle she’s attempting to co-opt that day) is being provided many chairs for sitting all the way down by women who are about sick of Jenna’s crap.

I’m not sure instagramming while buzzed counts as stay at home momming. Maybe I’m just doing it wrong?

It doesn’t seem like you enjoy most parts of SAHM life so you outsource, but you also don’t want to work outside of the home to contribute financially. It’s like you blame patriarchy for you becoming a mother and you are constantly rebelling against every part of it.

I guess you just want your wine and no one around to make demands on your time.

The problem here is not how Jenna spends her time or that she outsources childcare. No one cares about that. It’s that she tries to co-opt other people’s experiences (first working moms back when she was doing her coding boot camp and now traditional stay at home moms who take care of their own kids and don’t have nannies) as her own when they’re not. It’s offensive.

Finally Jenna jumped in to wave her hand dismissively at the pushback.

Once a narrative is established, I’ve found its best to let people do their thing and believe what they want to believe…I try to stay focused on analyzing my own experience and sharing my interpretations on issues that are important to me. I’ve found I’m happier and more productive when I focus on engaging and developing relationships with others who try to do the same.

I couldn’t read much after the You’re Just Jealous defense started up but if you can get past that tired fangirl trope you might enjoy reading the entire slow, gentle roast for yourself.

  1. Kim

    She is such a twit.

    There, that's my profound contribution to the Internet today.

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  2. Kim

    Also, I wonder what "productive" means to Jenna.

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    • Jan74 feels Old Condo Hate

      2 new photos on Instagram in a week, obviously.

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  3. Final Penultimate Elegant Baby Turtle

    Why is it always "you're just jealous" when it comes to Jenna? I think people are genuinely confused at someone who has so much can be so unhappy. Why would I want to be Jenna? She's openly miserable.

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    • Get the iodine

      I am jealous of Jenna's setup. But you couldn't pay me to actually be Jenna.

      I think that's the amazing thing - what would most of us do with boundless money and childcare, relatively good health, a supportive husband, involved extended family, two beautiful, healthy kids, the finances and time to study anything, unlimited money to pour into niche hobbies, real estate, and renovation, multiple vacations a year, so much free time, the ability to work or not work as you wished...? Yet all she does is dye her hair, drink mail-order wine, scarf edibles, and preen on Instagram. Sorry, Jenna, virtually every unhappiness you have is entirely your own making. Dwell Absolutely on that for a while.

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      • hot cocoa

        She can't dwell on anything except her own "narrative." Why?

        Because she is a narcissist. No, I'm not a psychologist, but it's pretty easy to spot that in her.

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  4. Bwaaaaahahaha

    "I’ve found I’m happier and more productive when..."

    Never. The answer is never.

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  5. KS

    Those comments were AMAZING!!! WOW!

    I don't follow lifestyle blogs because I know how to live my life, thankyouverymuch (lmao) but they really read her ass GOOD. She's too obtuse to listen but I just have to say bravo to those commenting.

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  6. tweecronut

    What even was that smug word salad in response to getting schooled? Jenna is like the living embodiment of the "me, an intellectual" meme.

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    • MissMorland

      I think it was "You don't know my life!!!!" run through an English-to-Pretentious-Twat translator.

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      • People Pleaser!

        OK, funny comment of the day in a sea of funny comments here!

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  7. Pink Eyed Renegade

    Yeah the "haterz are jealous" thing is so hilarious to me. I have a very good job I love and no kids. I can spend all my free time doing exactly what I want whenever I want. Definitely not jealous.

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  8. Eastshore

    This stemmed from an Onion article. Great reference point.

    Also, I can't even understand her comments. Her wordiness is bordering on Shauna territory.

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  9. Pancakes and Bullets

    No. No one is jealous of someone who has everything they want and is still the most miserable person ever. Being around her must be exhausting but actually being her must be unbearable.

    No wonder she looks so much older than she is. She has so much hatred and discontent in her life it's oozing out her pores.

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  10. Apologetically Feministy

    I get really angry when people dismiss opposite opinions as “jealousy”. Here in Brazil is the same, if you make a comment criticizing something, there will be a lot of people calling you jealous and envious, when you’re just emitting your true view about said subject.

    I wish I worked less hours so I could have actual time to deal with my personal stuff (ideally, I wanted to work for about 6 hours per day), but my reality doesn’t permit it and I’ve accepted it a long time ago. However, I never dreamed about being a SAHM/SAHW just because I think I would be bored as hell – I need something more stimulating than doing housework and taking care of future kids (as I think is the situation Jenna is going through – but in her case she’s bored, but doesn’t want to have a regular job).

    I’m not saying those women have it easy – actually, I think sometimes it is harder, especially since they don’t have a “break” from work, it is a round-the-clock job – but some women just aren’t cut out to do it and do not aspire such lifestyle.

    That is why when those people analyze these kind of situation and emit a negative opinion, it may be because they just don’t agree with the person, and not because “they be jealous b***h”.

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    • wilson

      Real SAHMs don't have it easy, but Jenna isn't a SAHM. She is a stay at home Person. She hands off almost every bit of parenting to paid caretakers, school, and family. But she doesn't work, so she isn't a working mom either. She literally does nothing except feed her Self with food, alcohol, weed, presents, entertainment, and experiences. By comparison, her kids get one experience per year (a single ballet lesson and a tea, or a Pokemon walk at a park, for example). If the kids are lucky, grandparents will provide them with some experiences, but, they haven't seen their Polish grandparents in two years until recently, I think. And they only see their WA grandparents a few times a year (that should increase). The bare minimum she puts into parenting is sad.

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  11. LifeHappens

    All other aside, I wonder what part of the last trip she was shouldering equally with her partner? From what I saw, the kids were quickly dumped at the in laws and Jenna went off on her own trip. Even when she was staying in the same house as them, she was taking day excursions by herself. Looks to me like the in laws were giving both parents a break from parenting. I don't know/remember if TH was with the kids at his parent's home or not. Even Jenna's supposed alone time with jet lagged kids was really a play party with a friend and her kids, so Jenna wasn't entertaining her kids in London alone as she'd claimed either.
    I'm happy to take my grand kids and give my kids a child free break from parenting, but my kids work and parent their kids like normal people. Jenna is such an anomaly.

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  12. Purple21

    The one person who went in swinging for Jenna, and accused everyone of being "jealous" also said: "Maybe yelling at her on FB isn't the answer. Maybe recommendations for a good cognitive therapist is." I think Jenna missed that nugget when she said "TY for trying. Narrative blah blah blah, believe what you want blah blah blah."
    So even her supporters concede that something is really screwed up with her "narrative". Or maybe I'm just jealous because nobody's ever suggested I need a cognitive therapist whenever I've shared an Onion article on FB.

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  13. sundae

    Yearly, or almost yearly European trips would be enviable, but I wouldn't want her trade off of being miserable with life.

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