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Living Absolutely Will Live Without Straws

Jenna Cole, so wealthy she can tear up houses and abandon them at will, has announced she will no longer use straws to drink from her disposable Starbucks cups – because landfills.

She took to instagram stories to show her small daughter sipping something from a disposable sbux cup before turning the camera on herself. While taking a giant gulp of some whipped cream drink from yet another disposable cup, she took a moment to point out her selfless concern for Mother Earth.

Evidently this gesture wipes out the fact that she spent hundreds of thousands on bizarre (and, it could be argued, pointless) home renovations that filled the dumps of Redwood City. Of course why she felt the need to whip cream her nose rather than bring reusable straws is a mystery I can’t fathom, but thanks for saving the planet I guess.

    • polynomialpurebred

      i am a clumsy accidental nope giver, trying to copy/paste on my tablet

  1. pure caos

    She’ll forget she even said this by next week.

  2. franklymrshankly

    This is actually a generously flattering still from that video, given how long she filmed herself smacking and licking her lips. Whoever said she has a fat clam tongue and wormy lips could not possibly be more accurate. She’s an adult woman videoing herself doing his weird shit in public, with her kid sitting across from her, trying to talk to her. Ugh. She’s a gross person.

  3. Little Orphan Lilly and her Seattle Fleas

    Jesus christ she is such a gigantic fail. I, too, have seen articles over the past few months about how bad for the environment plastic straws are…so I bought a four-pack of reusable steel ones off Amazon for like $6 and keep a few in my purse. Problem solved without having to film myself doing some weird eater corn.

  4. I put the Eh in Meh

    She is so obviously a dumb person trying to act like a smart person.

  5. snarkincluded

    Does she still live in Moses Lake? Moses Lake is so BFE I think they’re still working on getting people to recycle.

    Switch to metal straws, dimwit.

    • a random manbun and friends

      No, she’s in Seattle – her ‘rents are in ML & they travel there fairly often now so she can offload her kids…oops, I mean, spend quality time as a family! Family’s so important! says Jenna on her way out the door alone…

  6. slutty summer vegetable

    Tip for Jenna: reusable takeaway coffee mugs.

  7. Spare me the details

    JFC. She is useless.

  8. irisheyes

    How about she skips the Starbucks and makes her own coffee?