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Living Absolutely Will Scream Her Kid To Sleep


Jenmas, The Hands of Fate

Manos Jenmas, The Hands of Fate

Jenna Cole, self-proclaimed solo parent, is tired of acting like the perfect parent for social media. In a fireside chat that looked like a scene from a low budget horror movie, Jenma unleashed about how it’s fine to be…uh…whatever kind of mom she is being.

Tired of caring for her house and kids all the time Jenna is also just plain pooped from her super hectic stressful days.

Tonight we got pizza at about eight o’clock at night because that’s kind of, once I picked the kids up from the sitter, and what not, right? It’s just been a long, busy day, and this is the first we could get to food.

And what was this “long, busy day” you ask?


Yep, it was Jenna trussed up like the love child of the Stay-Puft Man and Terpsichore in order to have yet more feminist photos taken of herself. After that taxing activity Jenna couldn’t possibly be expected to deal with housekeeping and kid feeding and, apparently out of pinot and edibles or something, she proceeded to lose her biscuits all over her daughter.

And my daughter…her eating is driving me up the wall. And I screamed her to sleep, like, just, irrationally screaming that I can’t do this anymore, like I can’t come home, exhausted, to a trashed house, to her, just, ungrateful, privileged, princess attitude…

Her daughter, by the way, is four years old.

And I just, I told her that I can’t do this anymore, like I can not live this way, revolving my life around her…

Four. Years old.

…and maybe I’m wrong, but I really want to believe that she has some choice in the matter…

She is not even five. She is four. Four years old.

She ends by saying “this is so horrific and hard” then proceeds to fist bump the screen in solidarity with all the “real” moms out there who also spend afternoons and evenings in a ball on the floor screaming and crying.