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Love Taza Can Put Down Her Phone For Five Minutes

Naomi Davis, power couple, went to Utah and wants to tell you all about “slowing down” without internets.

She begins by reminding us that she is very busy, much important, such brain going.

i’ve been working my hardest at slowing down over the past month or so…it’s difficult to actually put into practice when…my brain sometimes feels like it never shuts off, and i sometimes feel so stuck in this never ending pattern of the constant “go” as we all try to do everything all the time…

Crepes and pizza and jegging jumps don’t photograph themselves, yo. But one night she saw a sunset and totally enjoyed it!

while we were there, we witnessed the most magnificent pink sky one evening…i left feeling more calm, more energized, more at peace with everything around me. and more in control of not catering to the “go” or the “scroll”…

Her 17 seconds of inward reflection over, the cameras and phones came back out.

we took photos, because at the end of the day, it’s what we so enjoy

But fear not – she is a changed woman, just like the other times she has slowed down and unplugged.

i went home from watching the sunset and started deleting stuff off my phone. apps i don’t need, people’s feeds which i’ve so enjoyed but are also a distraction from my own life to be present in…

She concludes by saying she’s “always felt i’ve had a good grasp on living life to live it, not for the instagram or the blog or the internet in general” before dumping over a dozen pictures of herself prancing around in scrub brush during golden hour for the internet in general to enjoy.