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Love Taza Can’t Even Put Their Kids To Sleep Without The Internet

Josh Davis of Love Taza, there could be a ‘trail mix of tears’ joke in here if I wanted to be culturally insensitive, posted today about how he is a great – no, the greatest father ever. Mr. Derp took over the blog to let everyone know he spent last evening telling his daughter she was the snowflakiest snowflake that ever snowflaked. Then suddenly, emotions!

I thought she had fallen asleep, but then I heard her bring her hand up to her face and move it back and forth…I got worried and cracked open the window curtain only to see her eyes wet. “Eleanor, are you OK?” No answer. “Eleanor, were you crying?” She nodded. “Were you crying because you were happy or sad?” “Happy,” she whispered back.

He explained that even though he spent most of his super entrepreneurially employed days giving his children “feedback and coaching”, he feels it important to have special Snowflake Building Time (or whatever parents call it) to let them know how amazeca$h they are. And since the entire family depends on the blog to provide most of their money, though Josh initially felt the moment was “so special I thought to keep it to myself” obviously he had to post about it; because if a blogger parents their children and doesn’t smear it all over the internet, did it really happen?

Ugh, how depressing to be those kids. They can’t even go to bed and decompress without Emperor Derp up in their face yammering about his feels until they cry, and then using it as blog fodder.