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Love Taza Is Sorry Your Kid Is Dead, But Thankfully She Still Has Her Kids

Naomi, of the Love Taza blog, had a sad, but pretty wonderful, but kind of sad, but really it was great, but also sad, but it made her appreciate her family even more kind of Easter.

my heart already felt a bit heavy from the day. we’d heard news that sweet friends of ours had lost their little one that morning, and i just couldn’t wrap my head around it. my heart felt so broken. i watched eleanor quietly as she brushed her teeth.  she leaned outside the doorway of the bathroom and looked over at me, giving me the biggest thumbs up, as she brushed. and it made me teary eyed…i have these guys. my family. and simple gestures like a thumbs up from my little girl after a long day means something to me. it’s a great reminder of how family makes sense.

Sorry your kid is dead, but what a Happy Easter for me because mine are alive!  Oh hey is it ok if I use your dead kid story for my blog underneath my description of how much I love Easter candy? I’m so blessed!

  1. WeAppropriatedWhat


  2. amanda

    Just received an email blast from Bauble Bar about the “love Taza, Mother’s Day Boutique.” SIGH.

    • FortDa

      On Instagram, she refers to it as “simplistic” jewelry. Lulz.

  3. Stuffing Spree


  4. Albie Quirky

    So gross. I can imagine thinking that, because I’m a pretty simple primate, but the part where I smugly posted it on my moneyblog is what I can’t imagine.

    “Thank God it was you, not me,” is not anyone’s best look.

    • Oatmeal Ladyboy

      This button

    • maude lebowski

      The comments are also cringe inducing.

      “That was really cute. My son started brushing on his own recently too and i can totally understand your point.”

      • The Daily Snark

        What the HELL. Grand prize winner of the most navel-gazing comment in response to the most navel-gazing blog post.

      • Colleen

        What is wrong with these people? It really scares me because I gave birth to my kid in 1991 — pretty much pre-internet — and I can’t imagine in a million years posting anything like that. Do people who grow up with social media have parts of their brains missing? Or does that only happen to people who are already sort of socially diminished, like people who are mean to you in h.s. or people who cut you off on the highway, or cut ahead of you in line, etc. Is this a bad question to ask? Because, I just…..don’t….get this behavior at all.

        • carol

          This is my exact thought. My kids were all born between 1996 and 2007. Ok. So that’s not really pre internet but I was a little behind the times and didn’t actually know what exactly a blog was until around 2009. Loser, I know. But I just don’t get these kids these days! So old, so pathetic!

          • Colleen

            Not old, not pathetic. Appalled might cover it!!!! You’re never too young for manners and empathy!!!!!


        • Fancy Eleganza

          They have no filters between their brain and their mouth. Many of would think “Thank Zeus my child is alive” when hearing about a tragedy like that, but we don’t say it. Narcissists with no filters just come right out and say it, or post it online.

    • Princess Buttercup

      That’s what I thought. I think everybody looks at their own kids and feels that sense of guilty gratefulness when they hear about something like that. It’s self-centered to just immediately jump to what you have to lose. It’s also human. But to write it down, where you know that person can read it? You can’t always control your thoughts but you can sure as heck control your blog.

      • Wait... What?

        I was just thinking that same thought. It’s a natural human reaction but to actually post it. Wow!

      • tulips grow wherever the fuck you plant them dumbass

        THIS! This exactly.

        • SACK

          This is exactly it. Our eldest child child died when she was 6 months old. I’m sure lots of our friends hugged their own children a little bit tighter at the time. And yes, my appreciation of my other children is at a somewhat deeper level than it was before her death but if some friend put this kind of post up on facebook let alone a hugely public forum I’d be furious, hurt and bemused at their ignorance and lack of sensitivity.

          It’s ok though….her friends can get over it cos Jesus has risen to save Taza and co. Who cares if their friends have to live the rest of their lives aching from the loss of their child.

          • Chrissy

            I’m so sorry

            • SACK

              Thanks Chrissy. We still have our bad days and I miss her desperately, even after all these years (she’d be 12 now). There isn’t a day I don’t think of her but lots of support and professional counselling helped us to come to terms with our loss, for want of a better word.

              Some people actually said to me at the time, “you can always have more kids because we were young”. I was like “eh, I haven’t misplaced my umbrella….it’s my child. I can never ‘replace’ her with another person.” It was mind boggling to me.
              At the same time however. some people are idiots when it comes to these things and you can’t always hold it against them but I definitely think that if you’re going to write about it as part of your job, on such a public platform you should do some bereavement research before posting your stupid musings on another’s loss.

              • Tea Biscuit

                I’m really sorry you went through this. My cat died 2 weeks ago and some morons told me just get another cat. I thought *maybe* they never had the privilege of having a close relationship with an animal to learn that they have their own little personalities and another cat would never replace my little fur ball. I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt as I was murdering them inside my head but apparently some people are just too stupid. I can’t believe they said this to you. Wait, I actually totally believe it.
                I know someone who lost her husband and he was only 28 yrs old. Many people tell her to start dating again (it’s been 3 years) and she can’t even imagine doing that, and comments like that obviously hurt her.

          • Thumper


    • Kate


    • Take this meatloaf so I can go pee in the shower

      When in doubt people, try something tested and true, like, “I’m so sorry,” or “Oh no, I am so sorry to hear that.” It’s wonderful if you can follow that up with a sincere and practical offer of help, like, “Let me organize a meal train for you so you don’t have to worry about that,” or “Let’s make a list of errands I can run for you,” or “I can watch your kitten on Wednesday and Thursday mornings.”

      When my dad died, I was 33 weeks pregnant with my third child. The parent board at my oldest son’s preschool organized a few weeks worth of meals when my dad died, and then did it again when the baby was born. So many people didn’t know what to say exactly, because it was just one of those heartwrenching “middle-aged father with kids still in high school” sort of things, but what mattered most was that people tried to convey their sorrow, rather than looking on the brightside or just ignoring it altogether. My closest friend has major daddy-issues, and made the mistake of saying something about it being a relief that my dad’s suffering was over. I was all, “Ummm, no. We’re not relieved. Maybe if he’d fought longer than this, but we were nowhere near ready. He wanted to live and we wanted him to live, and he was willing to fight as hard and as long as he needed to in order to be there for us. So….no.” I guess that’s another thing: try not to assume the grieving person’s feelings are the same as what you imagine yours would be.

      • Purple21

        Try not to assume the grieving person’s feelings are the same as what you imagine yours would be.

        Very true. And it was lovely that everyone at your son’s preschool found a practical way to show support – when you can’t think of anything comforting to say, doing something thoughtful is a great alternative.

  5. Rich Loser with Teeth and Shoes

    “Sorry you were offended” not apology in 3..2..1

    • The Daily Snark

      Oh, but don’t forget that Taza will HAVE to include how hurt her feelings are about all of this, that anyone could even suggest she hasn’t suffered too.

      • hashtagdeep

        All of the above, plus perhaps a cold shoulder day or two on the blahg.

        • Dame Helen Chichester

          This. Guess you f**kers don’t care about seeing new pictures of Baby Conrad on Instagram for a few days. And at such an adorable age too!

          • superbeef


            There will be no non-apology. She quickly posted the jewelry shill to push the controversy down-page. I’m sure that was so comforting to the newly grieving parents. Maybe they’ll want to buy Taza’s f**king jewelry for f**king Mother’s Day? Could she possibly be a bigger asshole?

  6. NormalSnowflake

    This is exactly like the infamous Kelle Hampton post about her friend’s child dying (I think in a sledding accident). She was so upset that she threw her coffee cup on the ground in a Starbucks and ran home to hug her kids and she was sad for awhile but things happen and her children are still alive so she’s at peace with it.

  7. gofundmycat

    You know what I thought when one of my best friends lost her baby at 16 months old? Holy hell how are WE all going to get through this and what can I do right now to be there for her? Not oh how sad for her but at least my family is still intact. And how she just casually throws it in in her paragraph. I just can’t with her.

    • Purple21

      THIS – she never even mentioned something that she had done for the family. But if they lost a small baby, surely you would just stop your own life to see how you could help them.

  8. So Blessed

    When something bad happens to someone else’s kids, the LAST thing I feel is thankful. My first emotion is always terror, because if it can happen to someone else’s kids, then it can happen to mine. As Anne Lamott puts it, anyone, at anytime, can end up living in the land of the f**ked. So weird to think, “Too bad her baby died, but SO BLESSED that I have my family. YAY!”

    • Rich Loser with Teeth and Shoes

      Well, she’s constantly thinking about the afterlife and how her perfect family will be perfect forever. So she’s not really living in any form of reality and even if something horrible did happen to them, as a family, it would all be part of Heavenly Father’s plan.
      Also, *high five* for the Anne Lamott reference.

    • Colleen

      OMG, that is exactly, exactly what I always feel.

  9. jpa

    The whole thing is awful but I really don’t get the “family makes sense” line. Is that some sort of Mormon eternal family life thing? confused.

    • Pumpkin Spice Scented Feminine Products

      Yeah, that part jumped out at me too. What does that mean? I have no clue how to interpret such weird phrasing.

      • RaceBannersCliffClimbing

        It may be just a deepity, one of those phrases/aphorisms/proverbs/whatever that sound profound, but is about as shallow as the kiddie pool, fairly trivial or obvious, and is ultimately meaningless.

        (Thanks RationalWiki)

    • ToeJam Festival

      No this isn’t a mormon thing. It’s just a sad attempt at being profound? Oy.

  10. writewritewrite

    I know this woman is unbelievably tone deaf, but this is terrible, even for her.

  11. I cannot imagine hearing that someone I care about had lost their child and actually thinking to go to the internet and say, “But at least I didn’t lose mine!” That’s so terrible. What a stone-cold b****.

  12. biggitybam

    When my brother died of cancer, an old neighbor (who was always so impatient with him) felt the need to send us a sympathy card. She had not lived on our block for several years.

    In the card, after waxing poetic about how her grief for us reminded her to be thankful for her family, she wrote that her kids were happy and healthy and everything was going well. She then included A FAMILY PHOTO of her family, all having fun at the beach!

    f**king ridiculous.

    I read it after my parents had, and they were just as horrified as I was. I still regret not getting to it first and throwing it away. I also regret not calling her (she included her number for future correspondence, of course) and cussing her out. What a b****.

    • I Want to Drip Nut Butter on this Comment (formerly snarkymcbitchy)

      I’m so sorry to hear about your brother, biggitybam (((hamhugs)))

      a huge WTF and STFU to that neighbor. what a b****. who thinks they should include ANYTHING but sorry for your loss/ here for you/ etc. in a sympathy card??

    • Colleen

      That is terrible. Your poor parents. I’m so sorry.

    • derp lurk

      holy shit. that is so gross. I’m so sorry for your loss and that people like that exist

    • Ruby Jiselle

      Holy wow. You are a much more mature person than I am, Biggity. I’d have hurt her.

    • You shot who in the what now?

      Christ, that’s terrible. I’m so sorry for your loss.
      Not quite the same, but it just reminded me of when my husband was dying of cancer, and my brother sent him a card that he’d bought from some religious website, that told the story of a woman who the doctors were sure had cancer and sent her in for a biopsy. The woman was sure that she had cancer too, so, she prayed and prayed for hours and hours, and had faith in God, and when she got the results from the biopsy, it turned out she was cancer free. This, he sent to my terminal husband in hospice.
      I’m happy that, knowing my brother, I had the foresight to open the card and read it and dispose of it before my husband saw it.
      Man, people suck.

      • biggitybam

        Mother f**k, seriously?! That is terrible. I am so sorry for your loss, and so glad you prevented your husband from seeing that! Sending you some ham hugs…

  13. brandiglanvillesreconstructedvaginaRIDESAGAIN

    Grief co-opting is so shitty.