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Love Taza Is Sorry Your Kid Is Dead, But Thankfully She Still Has Her Kids

Naomi, of the Love Taza blog, had a sad, but pretty wonderful, but kind of sad, but really it was great, but also sad, but it made her appreciate her family even more kind of Easter.

my heart already felt a bit heavy from the day. we’d heard news that sweet friends of ours had lost their little one that morning, and i just couldn’t wrap my head around it. my heart felt so broken. i watched eleanor quietly as she brushed her teeth.  she leaned outside the doorway of the bathroom and looked over at me, giving me the biggest thumbs up, as she brushed. and it made me teary eyed…i have these guys. my family. and simple gestures like a thumbs up from my little girl after a long day means something to me. it’s a great reminder of how family makes sense.

Sorry your kid is dead, but what a Happy Easter for me because mine are alive!  Oh hey is it ok if I use your dead kid story for my blog underneath my description of how much I love Easter candy? I’m so blessed!