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Love Taza Moves Into New, Possibly Huge And Expensive Apartment

The Davis family, apparently raking it in, has finally found a new home – and sources say the rent could be as much as $8,900 a month.


Announcing the move on instagram, Naomi and her pageviews posed on the floor of their empty home-to-be surrounded by takeaway containers. A Manhattan real estate agent who did not work with the family has informed me that an Upper West Side two bedroom apartment, of the sf size that can be guesstimated based on this living room, would probably rent for between $7-9,000 per month.

Bet you’re wishing you’d started a blog back in 2007, eh?

  1. Torie

    Childhoods are going for a lot of $$$ these days!

    I'll happily take my small house, privacy, real job and actual purpose in life over what the Davis clan is selling any day. Not.Worth.It.

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    • NYC

      Who's taking the pictures of their "perfect" family life? Do they join them afterwards on the floor for dinner?

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  2. Rdh80

    Actually, I can say with complete honesty that I would never, ever want their "job." I would have so much anxiety about my future and saving for retirement knowing that the success of my blog relied on my kids being cute and little. My oldest child is 11 and there is NO WAY she would allow me to publish her life. Also, I physically cringe with embarrassment for her whenever she publishes a sponsored post... like the bandaids. It has to be humiliating. Naomi and Derp (can't think of his name right now) are very smart people and there has to be some embarsssment that this is what their life has turned into. Especially Derp (can't think of his name). How do you go from his former career to walking around taking pictures of yourself eating pizza every day and calling it a job. When they get together with their friends what do they talk about when all the men start talking about their jobs? I genuinely feel sorry for them, so no I do it wish I started a blog in 2007.

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    • Torie

      I agree the kids won't want that lifestyle when they're older. My daughter is 13 and she would kill me if I used her image for Band-Aid ads online. Plus, kids are mean and they will get teased relentlessly once their classmates find out.

      Beyond how embarrassing their life appears, I couldn't give up my privacy and ability to RELAX. I can't imagine needing a full face of makeup just for taking the kids to the park or wearing unflattering clothes because they're "sponsored." I hate myself for reading about them but I'm fascinated that anyone would choose such an cringetastic life!

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      • Rdh80

        I completely agree! Everyone is different but I would hate to be made up every. single. day. My kids are 5, 7, 9 and 11 now and I still feel pressed for time to accomplish everything before the kids get home. My youngest starts kinder next month so now I'll have a few more extra hours, but all the mom's a few years older than me tell me I'll be busier than ever still. Also, do their children do any other extra-curricular activities or do they only get to work full-time? Does Eleanor take dance? Piano? Does Samson do soccer or anything? I'm guessing no because extra curricular activities are so time demanding after school and these poor kiddos have to work. It breaks my heart that instead of growing and learning new things... they have to go to another playground to take pictures. I know they're still young, but Eleanor will be in 1st grade next year. Lots of kids in 1st grade practice an instrument every day, are on a soccer team, etc. Deep down I think Naomi is disappointed with where their life is but she has no choice but to continue on. They have no other source of income and Derp has removed himself from the working world and it is hard to re-enter. 🙁

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  3. tghts

    $8,900 a month!!!!!! What?? How is this possible?

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    • Dogandponyshow

      That is more than TEN times my mortgage. Of course, I don't even want to live in my house anymore.

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  4. LifeHappens

    I'm flabbergasted, and apparently clueless, that blogging could pull in that kind of income. NYC is not cheap and that is a nice looking apartment.

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  5. realhousewifeofnewengland

    That is some major confidence that the gravy train will not be losing steam any time soon.

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    • LucyV

      Seriously. Stay in the little apartment and sock that extra rent money away. Even Dooce had to give up her dream house.

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      • Notarize!

        I'm hoping this is the peak, and it's all downhill from here, just like it was for Dooce. This is totally the equivalent of the Dooce mansion.

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  6. Passive-Aggressive Hair Towel

    Anyone remember Dooce Mansion? I'll keep my houses small and my life private, thanks!

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  7. QuinBun

    Maybe the apartment is sponsored.

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  8. People Pleaser!

    I dont read Taza, but I am drooling over that
    Victorian woodwork with built in shuiters. Yowza that is some nice stuff.

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  9. Yellow

    I rent on the upper west, we have a two bedroom and we pay $5000 a month for a doorman building with no other amenities (i.e. No gym or pool or playroom in the building). If they're in a walk up or a building with no doorman they could certainly be paying under 7 a month. I know that's still an insane amount of money, but mostly everyone I know is paying 50-60% of their annual income on rent, that's kind of just how city living is and you spend less everywhere else. Point is I think paying that much is normal for city life, what's weird is that they don't just buy something since they make millions or at least just live in something comfortable since they can afford to pay 9 thousand a month and still eat.

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    • Nope

      I've lived in NYC for quite some time and paying that much for rent is not normal for me (I pay a fraction of that) or anyone I know here.

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      • pollute the world with pics of my ass

        I'm going to preface this by saying I live in a studio with stall shower and I currently have an actual MUSHROOM growing out of my ceiling from water damage so I am not in the Taza rich person camp. It's obviously different for different people, but after living on the UES and now Park Slope I didn't bat an eye reading the rent price. I also think it's probably closer to $7k than $9k but still..they're just another wealthy white Manhattan family paying a ridiculous amount of money on rent. No way in hell I could afford even half that but I work with plenty of people paying $3k+ for a small one bedroom. Definitely not the normal average NYC rent when you include the boroughs and Harlem but for a family of 5 in Manhattan under 90th street it's probably not too far off from the norm. And yeah that's kind of gross and out of touch with reality. Seems like it would make a lot more sense to buy rather than rent at that price point, but it's possible they wanted space, an updated bath/kitchen and amenities, and paying HOA or coop fees plus mortgage plus taxes would mean they'd be well over their monthly budget.

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        • SaraLee

          Your place sounds disgusting. Perhaps you should move to a place that's sanitary.

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          • Justagurl

            Perhaps you have money to give to help move them out of their apartment.

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  10. Erin

    I found it amusing when she mentioned an upcoming trip somewhere and how they've been looking forward to it for months and months, since they first booked it. Umm, really? Because you never get to go on holiday, do you Davis family? Werent you just touring around England at Easter? And in some tropical locale after that? Please.

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    • Emma

      I know right? They were just in Europe, she's acting like she hasn't set foot outside of the U.S. in a decade.

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  11. This Little GOMIly of Mine

    How weird would it be to perfectly pose your family and takeout in front of the apartment's best features to take a "casual" photo? Their life is so weird.

    That said, my house is feeling a little small all of a sudden, what is the going rate if I sell out my elderly dogs' lives on a blog? That's the best I can do.

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  12. hashtagnofilters

    yeah. I will freely admit it. I am a jealous b***h.

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  13. Hamilbread

    For every Taza, there must be 10 bloggers who hit it big in 2007-8 and are now washed up. I'm not jealous because who knows how long Taza & co. will be able to afford it?

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