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Love Taza Pop Watch Has Begun

Taza, life for sale, announced a couple of days ago that contractions have begun for her third little cash cow. It’s been radio silence since, and her fangirls are frothing at the mouth for an update on little Edith or Mallory or whatever hipster name they throw on this one.

I’m checking out your profile for about 7 times in one hour! So excited about your third baby!

Randomly checking in after 3 in the morning hoping for a baby update from either @taza or @tiesandfries

Seriously, who gets up at 3am to see if some blogger’s baby was born? Anyway, she was probably born Saturday night or something because there have been zero updates from the Derps, and that’s just not normal. I guess you’ll all need to just clear your week because the announcement of the Most Important Birth In Blogging could come at any time, and you’ll want to write down where you were when you heard the news.