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Love Taza Went To Australia And A Tech Conference And It Was All Very Thrilling

Naomi and Josh Davis, of the Von Derp Family Traveling Circus, took their omglittles to Australia. They have now posted a vlog of their journey and it’s a wonderful video featuring their kids being obnoxious for a day and a half.

Highlights include their kids tearing around the airport screeching while Derp sits on the ground on his phone sorting out their visas, their kids spending hours on the plane screeching and reaching through the seats at each other, their baby opening a cup and flinging water, their kids climbing all over the plane, and one of their precious heavenly gifts rattling a Hungry Hungry Hippos toy.

Unfortunately poor Mamajaw had to tolerate some people who apparently didn’t know how lucky they were to be in the presence of the famous Davis family.

we did encounter our first not-so-nice person on one of our flights in australia who maybe made me cry which was super fun

But she goes on to say “we were also fortunate on several of our flights to have empty seats around us, which was crazy amazing as we were able to spread out a little bit more and sleep” which, from the video it doesn’t look like a lot of sleep was happening but ok.

About five minutes after they returned from Australia they went to speak at some RootsTech conference and did some interview where they “shared” why it’s “important to tell your story”. As usual they blather out a lot of words but don’t really SAY anything. Blah blah the usual Mormon thing of loving journaling, we are inspiring people with our everyday lives, what we do is super important, millions of people just can’t seem to stop being fascinated with us and watch all our videos. Which, ok, great; but what does all of this REALLY MEAN for their family as a whole in the long run? They are obviously a branded family now. Broadcasting their life is a business for them. Why not talk about the long term implications of selling their family’s lives to the highest bidder like the Kardashians? Like, where do they honestly see this going in 5 years? In 10? Enough with the lil ole us and our lil ole sharing the little joys sales spiel – we’ve all heard it a thousand times. Maybe they got into all that deeper stuff in their actual talk, but this interview just seemed like they were there to yet again recite their public relations ‘about us’ crap so it was kind of pointless imo.

Anyway, there’s your update on what the increasingly boring never-ending vacationing Derps have been up to, for the 9 of you who care.

  1. A Touch of the Boleyns

    I loved how not once did they mention during their #tearsfromtaza talk that their little corner of the internet is a profitable business with their children as the key workers. Nope, they maintain the fiction that somehow you’re not really making memories unless you’re blogging, IGing, Snapchatting and youtubing every moment of your lives.

    • Linda Belcher

      That’s that thing that really gets me. I have about 3 albums (not online, printed pictures) completely jam packed with photos from the last 2 years so I, and my son (well all family really) can look back and enjoy them. I share “my story” with who I know actually cares. I share my 10289292 family photos, with MY FAMILY, not the Internet for $$$ and smelly play mats.

      Nayomi NO1CURR about watching you sweat on an airplane for 16 hours. Really. Put the camera down you obnoxious twat.

      • A Touch of the Boleyns

        Uh, it is not a story unless it is told, according to Derp. So get those photos online ASAP like Grampa Joe would have done.

        • swimminginvinegar

          Was she the one who, in that terrible American Blogger movie, said that?

          So glad she can profit off her children online. That seems healthy for all involved.

    • Sponsored Sponsors

      THIS!!! I mean, it really is too bad there wasn’t a q&a session with people asking real questions, like about the fact that this blog is how they are paying the bills. Also, I would love someone to ask Derp about how special it is to be “engaging with worldwide audiences” considering how much “engagement” he has by not following anyone other than his wife. Seriously, you mean you like to have a worldwide audience to stroke your massive ego; you really don’t care about following anyone else’s “stories.”

    • NOPE

      Thanks. That gave me giggle fits!!

    • Michael Caine Is Better Than You

      I feel this is unduly unfair to the donkeys…. 😉

  2. confusing weiner

    i like how her first thought was “i looked really good by the time this whole travel adventure ended. ;)”
    dude, no one cares if you looked shitty for 5 minutes of your life

  3. Top Hat Fancy

    What is that second link linked too? Is it an inside joke that I’m not getting?

  4. meet cue

    Oh noes! Someone didn’t fully appreciate the Davis family children treating the airport/plane like their own personal shitbox. I’m honestly shocked that someone hasn’t spoken up beforehand, but based on her previous videos I would sure as shit tell that family that they need to quiet their “littles” and have more respect for everyone on the plane.

    They are such entitles assholes I can’t even comprehend it.

    • Didn’t she write some post at some point about how everyone should be helping moms when they are in public? I can’t remember specifics but I want to say it was a bunch of crap about how everyone everywhere should drop whatever they are doing at any moment and help mommies carry their strollers up and down stairs and just smile indulgently when someone’s kids are acting like barn dwellers. I can’t be assed to look it up though.

      • meet cue

        Yes, it was all about how she relies on nice people to help out that poor mama when she’s out and about town on her own. She kind of shamed people who didn’t help her.
        I’m sorry, but it isn’t my job to help you parent your f**k trophies. If I wanted to listen to a kid scream or carry a goddamn stroller down subway stairs I’d have one of my own.

        • Matching Adult Sized Care Bear Undies

          Amen. And I’m a mother of two. I never really want people’s help! I’ve got this. And if my kids are misbehaving, it bugs me when people step in and try to talk to them or make them laugh. It never goes well and then the person is insulted that my kid crossed her arms and turned her back on them. Well, what did you expect? She’s obviously grumpy!

        • Train-Kicking Daughter

          I mean, I’ll hold a door if it seems necessary, but carrying a stroller? Nu uh. I’m not gonna be responsible for dropping your kid down a flight of stairs.

          • Yeah, I mean, I think most people have enough decency to hold the door and check their patience for someone who is obviously struggling whether it’s a senior citizen, a disabled person, or a mom just trying to get out of a store. But if iirc her post was more like her huffing in disbelief that all of humanity isn’t constantly assisting her at every turn to help her with her 300 lb baby SUV or pretending to be overjoyed as her kids squawk and climb around in restaurants. It was just a really odd post that essentially laid out how she expected special treatment under the guise of ‘it takes a village’.

        • Right. I just vaguely remember it being a supremely self-righteous, self-involved piece of pout that more than implied mommies (especially Taza) are entitled to special treatment and endless patience at all times from the entire planet at large. It kind of said a lot about her.

          • the dingo ate the derps

            YES I remember that post. I feel like she was talking about different subway stations that didn’t have a working elevator but SOMEONE always helps. And being insulted when they didn’t. If I see a mom struggling with a stroller, sure I’ll help. And if I am that mom struggling I’m alway super grateful when i get help, but I certainly don’t expect it or get offended when I don’t.

            • Brenda Johnson

              I am so sick of those double wide giant strollers and the entitled parents who inconvenience everyone around them. And if I was near kids playing that Hungry Hippos game on a plane, that emergency door would be opened mid-air and the game and offending parent would be tossed out. All their footage of their trip to Oz just shows that they are, in fact, the worst. Glad someone made her cry. Stop being so f**king entitled. If you can’t handle 3 kids without annoying the f**k out of everyone, just move to a suburb already and buy a minivan. And stop taking 14 hour flights in coach.

          • E.

            If she is living in NYC off the backs of her children, then she needs to hire a f**king nanny to help carry strollers up and down stairs. I was a NYC nanny a few years ago and at $5500 a month after taxes plus living expenses paid for, you could have asked me to carry stollers up and down stairs all day long. But a stranger, I’d never expect that from them. Entitled asshole are the worst. And I wish I could get my five minutes back from watching that garbage of a video. How are these people possibly this delusional? There was no entertainment level to the video and when Eleanor is talking to everyone watching their trip via the camera, it’s just sad. Do you think her parents tell her they are celebrities with adoring fans? GOMI already you derpshits.

      • Flyest Bitch at Stilts Camp

        If I’m expected to help, I also get to tell the mother her hell spawn need to shut up.

  5. avantgarden

    When they finally landed in Australia and the horrible meany pilots and airport folks made them stay on the runway for an hour, I love that when she shows Eleanor and Conrad playing together E keeps sticking her thumb in C’s eye. Much discipline. Also, when they’re waiting in line is what I assume is Customs and Derp is flying Samson around there is a woman behind him with her well behaved son waiting patiently and holding hands, she totally has that annoyed smile I’m sure everyone has around that family. She wins the video IMO

    • Smile your soft smile NOT a fake one

      Also Sam nearly kicks an airport worker right at the end

  6. Smile your soft smile NOT a fake one

    That vlog was terrible. I wasn’t even bad/funny… Just totally revealing just how hard they are trying to work for this, and how pointless it is.
    Husband doing important (although last minute) work on his phone, and you are filming the kids instead of helping wrangle/entertain them? Filming yourself trying to carry a kid while the others are running around?
    Put the camera down!

  7. Señorita Margarita

    It really bugs me that she calls it 36+ hours of travel. Uh, you went over the date line. That doesn’t really count. 5hr to LA + 4hr layover + 15hr to SYD = 24. You get the missing day back when you fly home, back over the dateline.

    Having done that flight many times before though, why bring all the kids? Jet lag to Australia is a biiiiitch. Something about shifting seasons as well, but I’m usually f**ked up for at least a week. They’re so young, they’ll barely remember it, and let’s be honest, it’s not like Sydney is some wildly exotic land chock full of foreign experiences. Don’t get me wrong, I love Australia, it’s just not that foreign to an American, know what I mean? If anything, the kids will just be cranky and wild, irritating everyone around them for the entire trip.

    • AreYouSerious

      I wonder if she is counting in the time they were going around LA with her sister, which I also wonder if that was spur of the moment rather than planned since they waited to do their visas. I mean by the time they got to LA they could of not been in order so they would not of been able to board the plane so surprise run around LA time.

      • Omg

        visas to Australia are pretty much instant unless you get denied, it’s basically just an online form + a credit card payment that is all processed electronically through their immigration system. But who goes to a foreign country without checking to see if a visa is needed? Mess.

    • Hockey Pucks of Despair™

      Because we are so remote and have to do business in the US/UK, it’s not a big deal for some Australians to do several long haul flights a year. Even SYD-London is only 24 hours. But she’s a special snowflake who can bend time and make her travel just so much harder than anyone else’s.

      There is no way I’d bother taking kids that young to Australia. It’s just not that interesting, and I am not dissing my beautiful country. Like OMG we have an Opera House and a Harbour Bridge. We also speak English. We don’t even really have culture. Our television programming is 80% foreign. That toddler won’t remember it. Neither will the eldest. Take em to a f**king Club Med or something.

      Such a waste of money and energy. But I guess none of that matters to bloggers.

  8. Mike Flugennock

    So, where’s the video? I keep hitting that Instagram link, and it keeps serving up this dumb-ass Little Mermaid meme.

    It’s the “wonderful video” at

  9. 52 ego strokes

    She doesn’t understand why people tune in to their blog, because they’re not starring on Broadway or climbing Mt. Everest. But they just went to freaking PERU and AUSTRALIA in the last few months. The reason people tune in is because Naomi and Josh try VERY hard to get people to pay attention to them. It’s not a little old blog any more, it’s a business enterprise and they actively court customers for it. Naomi’s little act about how she doesn’t know why people visit her little blog about her little family is B.S. She can STFU now.

    • Freaking THIS. The lil ole us and our lil ole blog act needs to stop. They are a full on corporate venture selling their lives to advertisers. They can aw shucks all they want but they are basically no different than the Kardashians at this point.

      • 52 ego strokes

        Yeah, basically that whole presentation at RootsTech was a lie of omission. So was the interview.

  10. 52 ego strokes

    Stop the presses! In the interview, Josh says “Sharing doesn’t have to be public”! Who knew?

    • 52 ego strokes

      (it’s like he malfunctioned for a moment and went off message)

  11. insomniac

    SSSF, but how/why did “mama jaw” originate? I must have missed that.

  12. Neck Fat

    I’ve never read/watched anything by these people before but they let their kids run around like banshees and don’t hold the kids’ hands. Awesome.

    I’ve flown to Australia in coach and if I had been on that flight with those kids behind me, I would take pleasure in making that mom cry.